Saturday, August 2, 2008

It's Saturday again.... Hurray!

After a busy week... it's Saturday again... :->

I'm going to have dinner with Simon tonight @ One U, then we will have Dark Knight after the meal... I have to keep up with my blog update which i have quite a backlog to clear...

Here's the list
1. Charity Bachelor Auction on July 28th 2008
2. Reply the tag Quirky me from Simple Alex (thanks dude for tagging me)
3. Entry regarding safety and after meeting with the DUKE highway construction company.
4. Grandpa's birthday.
5. Entry about using the public transport in KL... *Sigh*

Look @ the list... TZ will have a busy Sunday to update the blog at the same time reading some document regarding my new project... 

Gotta go right now... Stay tune eh!...


cc said...

So, are you the bachelor being auctioned? LOL ;)

Simple Alex said...

tz, 1st call, 2nd call, SOLD!!! wakakakaka... English Auction or Dutch Auction? hahahaha..... no offence... ;)

TZ said...

cc: I was not the bachelor... i was the photographer... maybe next year ... i will become a bachelor for auction :-p BTW, if i'm a bachelor, will u auct for me? :-p

Simple Alex: I will do it next year hopefully... how much would you auct for me?