Sunday, August 17, 2008

Is Malaysian Lazy? How long we would have this luxury?

I was having breakfast @ McD SS15 Subang Jaya. Don't put me wrong, I did not specifically mention Subang people is lazy to clean up. So don't be angry with me. 

I like to observe my surrounding environment when i was there. This few days i was in McD and obviously i had observed one common things that Malaysian do before leaving the table... *sigh* A quick question come into my mind... why can't they just throw everything into the allocated garbage bin near the entrance/exit. Not only in McD, i noticed last night when i was watching Wall-E in GSC 1-U. After the movie, almost all the patron left their behind all the rubbish even though there was a garbage bin on the way out. So what would i say????.... Disappointed!!!.... 

I visited most of the McD in other country. I noticed people just carried all the rubbish to the garbage bin and throw it before leaving McD. Besides, Why can't Malaysian do that? I noticed not many Malaysian doing this... why? Because off they think the people in McD workers' job to clean up... I still remembered when i came back from Canada, I thrown the rubbish into the Garbage bin @ McD after meal. Everyone stared @ me weirdly. What's wrong with the Malaysian community? Can't we be more considerate for next customers. So what do you think?

For me i always throw all the rubbish before leaving the table. This is a habit to clean up for the next customers. My principle is that we are heading to the developed country... be responsible and clean the place for the next customers. Do you do that when you are in McD, GSC and Starbucks? Let's share your experience.


Anonymous said...

in australia, people throw rubbish on the floor inside the fast food restaurant.

be thankful at least msians don't act that barbaric.

cc said...

Yup, just a natural thing to do. Wouldn't want to arrive to a dirty table, so I won't do it to others. A very simple thing to do, those who doesn't is just pure lazy.

cbenc12 said...

it's a habit.. really is.not that we are lazy but its not our culture. i believe if we can make it our habit we will do it..
when i was in US we hav to throw it ourselves but many times i forgot; not coz i am lazy. . coz i just forgot ,.. not a habit mah.. but when i was reminded, i was happy to throw them away le..
see, not i dont want to do so, just dun remmeber..

keeyit said...

In China, women brought their little kids vee vee at the basin where people used to wash their hands at McD.. Sigh..

I'm Choonie. said...

I seldom do it too till I saw my own youngest sister doing that. Feel ashamed of myself. I saw ppl doing it in other countries like Taiwan, Singapore and Australia (strange... I dun see the same thing like anonymous). I am just like what cbenc12 claimed, if I remember, I will help to clean up before I leave the table.

TZ said...

anonymous: which part of Austrilia?

cc: it's true... i think Malaysian should get to this thinking eh!... :->

cbenc12: I bet the US people look @ u with a different kind of staring eh!

Keeyit: Tell me about it. I challenged and scolded a parent whom just carried their child and ask him to pee @ the garbage bin @ CarreFour Midvalley... Yuck!... How could this parent do this to their child... i sarcastically tell them off... how could they treated their child like a street dog... The parents very angry and walked away.

I'm Choonie: Thanks for taking the initiative to march Malaysia to the developed country status... :-)

Simon Seow said...

I think the fast food chain and Starbucks here didn't educate their customer enough about what is self service, which means the rubbish is also self service lol. They should be like Ikea Cafe, put up notice to remind customer to chuck the rubbish themselves.