Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thanks for your support ...

Finally, the day has come... 

I woke up @ about 6:30am and have a last round of looking at the presentation slide. I was a little bit uncomfortable this morning when i looked through the presentation. I took my shower @ 7am and had my breakfast then left my condo @ 7:45am. The traffic was good from my place to Sri Damansara with the Penchala Link and LDP. I managed to reach the place at about 8:10am... It was about an hour before the time we need to meet.

The room was still occupied when I arrived so I could not proceed to setup the presentation logistic. *Sigh* but with the help of my new colleague, he managed to quickly setup the room. We were waiting for our guest CEO and CIO to arrive. 

How i felt? I was a little nervous but i told myself, don't worry ... things would turn out to be fine... i proceed to look through the presentation once again before the guest arrived...

Once the guest arrived, after a quick introduction, we went straight to my presentation. Presentation started ... Anyway, i clearly presented the message across and got a  couple of comments from the customers and the program manager... One of the statement that made me happy was " I have a confident that the team would be able to solve the problem" from the CIO... This statement has delighted me. At least all the hard work was not going into the trash... :p

BTW, I would like to thank all my new colleagues' support and feedback, my team members, all my blog readers who prayed and sending me wishes i.e. cbenc12 and Simple Alex. They left a comment with some wishes that had bought me luck... 

Thanks for all of your support and luck... If everything goes well tonight and tomorrow (management discussion)... I will be leaving for Kampala, Uganda soon, this time would be the confirmed one.... :->

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Meeting --> Rework presentation --> Meeting

I have presented so many time to the management... yesterday morning was the worst presentation i never had... What happen to the TZ before, i managed to present to so many upper management and got the confident but I was out of sync on the expectation for yesterday presentation.... *sigh*

Okay, let me back track a bit here... I was given a short lead time with a least expectation. BTW, i was not the person that came out the proposal... this has already posted a challenge to me on not understand the head and the tail... moreover given so many unknown, i would need to present to the CEO and CIO on this coming Thursday. They were here because they would like to meet me and hear from me on the project related presentation. Am i confident to present to impress the CEO and CIO? I think i could but anyhow, lots of effort needed for this coming 24 hours... I was lucky to have a new colleague of mine voluntarily to help me on getting the presentation done as she have a good visibility on the project but at the end i still need to do my part to learn up some quick knowledge in case the CEO and CIO ask question during the presentation.

Guess what? I finished work @ about 9pm last night and quickly rush to next meeting which is the DUKE Highway related meeting... The committee members are going to meet the YB tomorrow evening to raise our concern on what the construction site has bought to the surrounding area i.e. health, safety risk to the resident, road users whom stay around and pass by the construction sites. I'm going to bring along my camera to snapshot some picture. 

Wish me luck on my Thursday presentation eh!...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

24x7 construction ... is this acceptable?

I woke up by the construction of the DUKE Highway early Saturday morning ... *Sigh* 

Guess what? the highway construction company sent out a memo stated that they would work on Sunday too for the coming few Sundays. This is unacceptable... they were working 6 days a week from 8:30am - 7pm... and on some weeks the worked over the time... it's about 50-70% of the week they worked until 9pm... So, what do you think? Are we too much to object them from working on Sunday? Anyway, no matter how is the other resident/communities decision, my stand is very firm... No tolerate for working on Sunday. Reason being lots of us are working from Monday to Friday and we need Saturday and Sunday to get some relax for the following week. Since Saturday they have the rights to work for a full day and now they requested us to allow them to work on Sunday... Come on! This is a ridiculous request... DUKE Highway Construction Company... 

Dear Project Director,  please consider the resident health and they need to get a quiet moment on Sunday!!! I understand your team is chasing against the time to get the highway completed. You have no rights to take away our Sunday i.e. a day without the noise of the construction. Would appreciate if you could plan on no working on Sunday into your project plan and forget about the request.... We would be much appreciated if you would not take away our Sunday... Be considerate please!!

Anyway, if they forced through to work on Sunday... I think the committee members also should force through no working after 6pm daily... I meant they need to stop @ 6pm sharp... no overtime is allow even they could not complete their work... This actually is the law set by DBKL. 

What would your stand if you were staying near to the highway construction like me?

Friday, July 25, 2008

Sunrise Jazz & Rhythm Festival 2008

There is a Jazz Festival in Plaza Mont Kiara starting tonight for this two weekends. 

Anyone is planning to go? I just realized it's started today... so too short notice to ask my friend out for this event... ;-)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Busy! Busy! Busy! wor....

I was having a management meeting this morning... and i will have a team meeting tomorrow whole day... *sigh*

I have canceled my Personal Training (PT) session at 1pm tomorrow. Need to workout the preparation with the team on next week presentation.

Anyway, i'm still have one outstanding item to manage i.e. blog about the Bachelor Auction 2008... sorry folks need to push out again... Let's see whether i have some time tonight after picking up my mom from her painting class.... :->

Monday, July 21, 2008

Bachelor Auction @ Westin KL

I'm in progress uploading the picture to my Flickr a/c... The connection in Summit Starbucks is so slow... not able to complete in the expected time. It's was a fun event and i have so much fun to share with all of you... 

Stay Tune Eh!... 

10 years NTV7 feel good Ads...

I like this ads of 10 years NTV7 feel good celebration... especially the tai chi instructor expression and his comments... Enjoy the clip eh!

"Don't go too fast and too slow... " See how he ended his session ... :-p <-- the tai chi instructor.

Look at the second clip too... poor old man but at least he woke up from unconscious... but what do you feel if you have a family members whom care more about NTV7 than you... ???

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Dinner with Ch_Leong :->

My friend ch_leong came over to subscribe and make a new spectacle as he broke his spec last Thursday. We met @ Uma Rani and walked over to the optical shop...

After finished his subscribing his spec, we went to The Curve... I wanted to get two External Hard disk 160GB each. Guess what? there was a sales @ IT Hyperstore, Cineleisure The Curve. One Maxtor OneTouch 4 Mini cost RM228 and only limited to 10 units and 1 unit per customer. Since ch_leong actually with me, so i could purchase 2 units. I proceed to get the two units ASAP before the stock last... Luckily, i did not purchase these external hard disk yesterday.

We decided to chill out @ Starbucks before dinner... I was bringing my baby Mac with me, so we just sat @ the Starbucks... I done some surfing and blogging while ch_leong read the magazine... We left Starbucks @ about 6:30pm for food... looking for some nice western Cuisine and it happen we passed by Bavarian Bierhaus . Since ch_leong and I have not been to Bavarian Bierhaus, we just gave it a try... moreover if not mistaken I read about this restaurant @ Simon Says...

Ch_leong ordered the Bavarian favorite slices of juicy Pork Roast on Caraway with Mashed potato and braised onion in port wine (RM38)

For me i ordered the Crispy Pork Knuckle with smoked bacon and honey - Pepper Glaze Served with sour Cabbage and Sauteed Potatoes. (RM54)

There were no many people when we entered the restaurant but at about 7 something, lots of people popped in and the crowd nearly fill up the tables... guess what? almost every single table in the restaurant has the order of Pork Knuckle.

Restaurant environment when we entered...

ch_leong with the pork knuckle...

TZ with his pork knuckle

TZ was eating some meat left @ the bone... Yummy!

Snap shot on the crowd before we left the restaurant

We left Bavarian Bierhaus @ about 8 something... walking around for a short while to check out the Heaven, left The Curve after we decided we didn't want to sit and chill out @ Heaven. We headed back... dropped Ch_leong @ his car when we reached Uma Rani.

It was a nice dine out with ch_leong in Bavarian Bierhaus. The total bill was a little bit on the high side i.e. RM105.8 for two dishes ... what do you think? Expensive? or Just nice?

Last report out for Gem Island....i

I bet all of you have fed up of my detail report out on Gem Island. Anyway, this will be the last entry :-p

After day 2 and day 3 morning mission failed... I forced myself woke up @ 6am on the last day... but guess what? I failed again. I was super tired and my whole body was painful due to sun burnt on the day before. My whole body was as red as a lobster ... :-p

I woke up at about 9am and just wondered around the resort for some picture taking as what i did for the past two days. I was trying to avoid the sun as my body was so red... :-p

After i had the breakfast with Simon, Alvin and William (SAW), they went to take pictures... as for me, i have to avoid standing under the sun... so i have no choice but left them and went back to my room. I managed to get another pack of bread to feed the fishes. Most of my morning, i was just chill out @ the balcony which i managed to see some small little creatures moving on the rock. As i zoom in my camera, i came to know the creatures were actually crab... Couple of crabs were having their sun tanning on the rock... hey mate, don't get yourself burnt as red as like me eh!... Oops forgot if the Crabs turned red i.e. it meant cooked... hehehe... ready to be served as a nice dish for us to eat ... Yummy!

At about 12:30pm, i walked over to the restaurant, ordered myself a soup and a sandwich for lunch... SAW came by on 1:15pm to say goodbye... they went back to the Marang Jetty on 1:30pm boat and i had scheduled my boat to be 3:30pm. So i have about 1 hr for me to take a nap and got ready to leave the island. I was a little sad to go back to reality i.e. KL :-( Anyway, life has to go on...

Seafood Chowder

Surfer Decker Club

At about 3:45pm, i was board the boat to go back to Marang Jetty. The way out from the resort was so rough.. I meant the wave. I felt the boat was nearly gonna to overturn, so damn dangerous... anyway, we were safely reached Marang Jetty after 20mins and the taxi was waiting for me to bring me to the airport.

I reached the airport at about 5pm and i need to wait for 4 hours... *sigh*

Friday, July 18, 2008

Smiley... I missed u

I was organizing my photo @ my iPod. I came across this picture which i took years ago. This smiley is belongs to one of my ex-colleagues whom also left the company recently. I used to go around to her cubicle... squeezing, touching this fluffy smiley... and i like to turn the smiley to face the metal i.e. the back side of the smiley face the front :-p hehehe ... My hand was just itchy... and i like to tease this colleagues of mine too... Hope that she wasn't mind me doing so.....

Now, after leaving the company... I did not see this cute smiley for almost 4 months... Smiley, i miss u ... do you miss me?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sand, Shell, Rock...

I got this request @ my previous entry TZ need a break! from Simple Alex. He has left a comment stated "er.. can u bring back some sand, sea shells, starfish and nemo back for me? hahaha.. (just deleted the rest to make it short)... ". I just wanna to fulfill my friend's request... so Alex i have something just for you from Gem Island

Sand, Sea Shell, coral

Rock, Sand, Sea Shell


No starfish... Jellyfish can ah?

Nice snorkeling trip --> Sunburnt --> Skin Peeling

I was suffering on peeling skin since two days ago... 1st was the forehead then the back... *sob sob*... I hardly could get sunburnt but if i did, this scenario will happen... I got sunburnt on my snorkeling trip to Gem Island last week. My whole body was as red as lobster since last Saturday... then it's still remain red for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. 

When i woke up on Wednesday, the skin color turned into darker ... now it's bronze in color. hehehe.... envy? :-p But unfortunately on Monday evening, the forehead skin started to peel... It gone worst and now... the peeled skin were everywhere... *sigh*...

The skin @ the back started to peel too today... *sob sob* :-( I thought i could show off my tanned for at least a week but not really... it's so ugly now...

Anyway, after the peeling of the skin, it will back to my usual skin color :-p

Gem Island - Day 3

2nd attempt to wake up for sun rise shots.... *sigh* mission failed again.... I was so tired after the snorkeling on the day before... so i was lying on the bed for nearly an hour before willingly to get up and take the shower...

After the shower since i was going to have breakfast with my newly met friends. Simon, Alvin and William (SAW)... I bet they were still in the bed... (never wanna to wake them up). So, I just walked around the resort for a few more morning shots in Day 3.

View from Balcony

Reflection @ the pool

View from the other quiet beach

Couples from Spain was viewing @ the young turtles

Rocky Beach

After a couples of shots, I decided to get some bread to feed the fish @ the jetty... So dropped by the restaurant and bought two packs of bread for the fishes...

Fishes waiting for food

Nemo, how are you?

Birdy was waiting for its food too

Hey... A big fish ;-p

At about 9 something, SAW and I went for breakfast. After breakfast... i signed up for snorkeling trip but SAW decided to chill @ the beach and did some snorkeling near the shore. I went back to the room to get change, got my flipper, life jacket from the recreation counter and ready to go for the snorkeling trip... 

Joining me on the trip, hehehe... i met more new friends... there were a Korean family (4 of them), UK family (6 of them) and the UK couple that i met the day before, last but not least a couple from Penang. Sorry folks i don't have photo to show from this point... I left my camera in the room... no camera were on board. Regret... *sigh* 

The whole snorkeling trip took about 2.5 hrs with two sites : Coral Garden - behind the Gem Island Resort & Near Pulau Kapas. I got stunk by the platoon the whole snorkeling activities, it was not a good feeling as when i got stunk my muscle got numb a while and then we could continue swimming... :-( Anyway, I got over the feeling and continue to snorkel.

After reaching back the jetty, i headed to join SAW for another trip to the coral garden which was our 1st stop. We swam out from the shore to the spot where the boat brought me for the snorkeling trip. hehehe... I paid RM30 for the trip which i could swim over from the shore :-p 
We saw two sharks swimming across us...

Later, we headed back to our room to wash up before lunch and headed to the restaurant for a quick lunch... Hungry! after all the exercises... after lunch as usual i chill out in the air con room... let the food digested.... SAW and i met up for kayaking @ about 3pm. We rented two kayak and kayak over to Pulau Kapas. I got a pack of bread and just sat by the beach to feed the fishes... SAW just went up to explore the resorts @ Pulau Kapas... 

I managed to wash up again and catch the last sunset for the trip... the sunset for day 3 was not as good as the past two. 

We had BBQ dinner on the 3rd day nite. It's a all you can eat dinner for RM40 per pax.

Cooks were preparing our food

BBQ dinner

Food were served directly from the BBQ station (for 4 pax)

This is my plate of food

After the full dinner, we headed back to the room... I was too tired to join SAW for another round of chill out. I decided to watch some TV and since i was not joining SAW for the chilling out... Simon passed me a can of beer... Dude! thanks for your beer :-> it really cool me down after a whole day under the sun.

After finished the beer and the movie... it's time to hit the bed... ZZZzzzzzzZZZZZzzzzz