Monday, July 8, 2013

Japanese Meal day with the Minions

No!!!... Nothing special in Japan nor any Japan/Japanese related special day. It's the day i had Japanese Food. My friend and I having Japanese Meals for Lunch and Dinner. So today we declared our day as Japanese Day.

@11:00, Pick up my friend from his place to have lunch @ Paradigm Mall... I was wearing a bumblebee glass imported from Singapore. How's it? Cool?

TZ on Bumblebee Glass... Cool Eh~

@11:45, we walked in to Miraku Paradigm Mall... My friend saw the Sunday Buffet advertisement long time back when we came out from Fitness First Paradigm. Good strategy to attract hungry and tired gym goer after they have their hard workout. The served different type of sashimi and sushi... also those type of non raw japanese food. It's quite authentic... but the price is a bit high for a simple Japanese buffet.

Japanese Buffet @ Miraku, Paradigm Mall

@14:00, meeting another friends to watch Despicable Me 2. Watching those cute little yellowish Minions... but it turns purple in the middle of the movies :p Yellow vs Purple, which one you like? Oops i better stop here otherwise sure got people scold me for being a spoiler. *mouth zip*

Despicable Me 2

@16:00, after the movie... chill in Pacific Coffee @ UG paradigm mall. The outlet was full of people but we were lucky to grab a nice sofa seat by the windows. Catching up with my two fellow buddies. This is a very enjoyable moments to chit chat about work, things outside work etc...

@18:00, decided to have a early dinner before sending my friend to the airport. We had Ramen @ Goku Raku, Paradigm. The Ramen was quite nice, since we had a heavy lunch, we chose to have a small Ramen. Yummy~

@20:30, stopped by McD @ Taman Warisan Salak Tinggi hoping to get the three little minions... guess what? it's a disappointed moment to see the word "SOLD OUT" stick on top of the three minions. Operasi Mencari Minions FAILED again. Sigh~

Totally SOLD OUT on the three minions

Anyway, my day ended when i reached home safely and took a nice shower~ 


Small Kucing said...

LOL...minions craze...yeah...i found them last week in Puncak alam McD

Bananazஇ said...

Cool bumbleeeeeeeeeeZZZZZZZ glass. Oh another 'storm' by McD

Medie007 said...

No more minions!

TZ said...

Small kucing: you are so lucky to get them last week. You gotten all three of them?

Bananaz: thanks :p My friend from Singapore gave me this. She asked another friend to hand carry over. You got any yellowish bananaz thingy?

Medie007: No sign of Minions in the valley... They are all gone~

Gratitude said...

Getting to be quite a camwhore these days huh?! :P

TZ said...

Gratitude: hehehe... :p