Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Heineken Experience

Beer tap connecting the brewer
Not sure you still remember i posted two posts regarding What is this for? and What about this?... These are the parts and pieces of the brewing tools which you can find them in the brewery.

Some readers have guessed the knots/tap are for getting beer. They are absolutely correct about the tap but to be specific, it's getting the beer for testing from the brewer. Each of the beer tap is connected to the different brewer. 

This is the brewer that all the beer ingredient are mixed and cooked in certain temperature before letting the yeast its work... which is the fragmentation process.

The Heineken Experience is located inside the old Heineken Brewery building. This Heineken Experience can be consider as the Museum of Heineken. They have placed lots of artifacts and the stories about how the Heineken beer empire was built. The first part of the museum was telling the stories... blah blah blah

So now let's the experience continue and we gotta see the real things instead of listening to the stories...

Before we went into the brewing site... we were brief  by a person on what is the main ingredient of a Heineken Beer... Anybody wanna guess?

Ingredient to make Heineken Beer
As we walked into the big hall, we saw big brewer lining up in the hall.. All the ingredient were placed into the brewers ... which you can see the brewery house.

the manufacturing line - Brewing Beer
The journey continued with how to appreciate the freshly brewed Heineken Beer... There is a stars shape bar which the bartenders will provide us a small glass of Heineken Beer for appreciating and tasting. I learn quite a bit from the session. The knowledge of why beer need to have a white foam covered it... etc

the stars shape bar
Glass of Heineken Beer for tasting
Next,  the advertisement watching... they projected all different advertisement from around the world in different languages. I never saw most of the advertisement... It's awesome!!! So creative~ Besides the advertisement, Heineken as the company has created some games, merchandise as its brand... including bottle your own beer.

Advertisement watching - Advertisement from the globe
game room
Last but not least... It's Booze Booze time. Each person gets two 1/2 pints of freshly brewed Heineken Beer in exchange with the buttons from the given bracelet when we bought the ticket.  YES! the ticket included the free drink of Beer. But it's a bit of disappointment here as i thought it would be ALL YOU CAN DRINK *wink*

button for free beer
We stayed in the drinking bar until we finished the two 1/2 pints. The surrounding and environment is cool as the music makes the bar likes a nice hangout pub in town. 

So if you happen to be in Amsterdam, do not missed the Heineken Experience eh~

Heineken Experience  @ Heineken Brewery
That's all folks... i have gained the Heineken Experience. Should I include those experience into my resume?


Twilight Man said...

You are a alcoholic!

TZ said...

Twilight Man: Visit the brewery doesn't make me an alcoholic. If this is your way of definition... lot's of people already become alcoholic. Including yourself :p

Small Kucing said...

wow...I never been to Brewery leh...wish hcan have some free beer too

[SK] said...

did you key in to your myFitnessPal apps to see how many calories those gave you?? :D

TZ said...

Small Kucing: This one is kind of like a museum so not as nice as the Calsburg Brewery in Shah Alam (besides the federal highway). When i visited that brewery decades back... they served me all you can drive beer.

[SK]: At that time i haven't use MyFitnessPal yet. So no need to worry :p