Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Food Overloaded... #Malacca - Part 2

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The food hunting continues...

Breakfast @ Bamboo Hut. Our hotel room included the BIG Breakfast... not the McDonald's big breakfast although they have the same name. But the breakfast @ Bamboo Hut is much more healthier than McD.

Did you see the two LOVELY sunny side up?

We not even walked 300m after our breakfast earlier. We stopped for another round of meal in between. Can we call snack?

We were lining up for the famous @Chung Wah Chicken Rice Ball... luckily the queue was not long and we waited 15 mins to get to our turn. 

How many balls you can eat?

What next? If you happen to go to Malacca, i bet you will not want to miss this shop especially its product. One of my KL friend asking us to bring back a slide of Mille Crepe. I bet by now you should be able to figure out what am i talking about. Yes!!! It's @Nadeja Cafe.

What so great about Nadeja's Mille Crepe?

After Nadeja, we felt a bit hungry and craving food but not cakes. We headed over to the @Ming Satay Hut for a round of pork satay before leaving Malacca...

Can you calculate... how many sticks?
The Ming pork satay has marked the end of our Malacca getaway. We finished the pork satay and headed back home...

What type of food is your favorite when you pay a visit to Malacca?


Small Kucing said...

Pengsan...I surrender...You guys are the food king ...can really eat and eat and eat ah

Gratitude said...

Small Kuching, the stomach hasn't gotten rid of the leftovers and the gang is already planning a return! Lol

TZ said...

Small Kucing: hahaha... don't surrender. We just wallop whatever we could wallop and gain so many kg of weights after the weekend.

Gratitude: hahaha... aren't you looking forward for another food trip. Should we do makan makan in Klang ;-)

Twilight Man said...

No wonder you cannot slim down! Look at the food!!!!!

I love mille Crepe. Slurppsss!!

TZ said...

Twilight Man: Just only that weekend. That's why i have the title FOOD OVERLOADED ;-)