Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Missing Rack in locker

Sometime i don't understand why people could afford RM200+ per month gym membership yet steal the clothing rack from the gym locker. Maybe this people like to steal or they have some stealing disease...

Did you see one of the rack is missing?
This is why the Fitness First Platinum club in Malaysia does not offer the gym workout pants and T-shirt, moreover we need to return our towel in the counter in exchange of our membership card. Guess what? Fitness First Platinum club in Singapore offers the workout pants and T-shirt... after the member finished using the attire, they just dropped it in the laundry bin on their way out from the locker room.

There was one time in The Curve, i saw one aunty just holding the small towel and left the gym... hey come on aunty~ you have paid RM200+ for gym membership, don't tell me you could not even afford to purchase a towel from the shop. What a joke eh~

So what do you think?


Twilight Man said...

That aunty has Alzheimer disease. Don't accuse her la.

TZ said...

Twilight Man: good excuse to smuggle the towel home. :p

Small Kucing said... TM's answer

mine is maybe the aunty thought she have to wash and dry it before returning it :p

TZ said...

Small Kucing: This is a good one. I hope not all the aunties will think that otherwise FF will run out of towel :p