Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Short getaway from City of Potholes - Day #1

My friend has bought the Ballet Under the Stars - Giselle tickets. I was invited to view the ballet while having picnic @ Fort Canning Park, Singapore.

Day #1 : Kuala Lumpur - Singapore (intial arrival time 9:45am | after delay: 11:45am)

Amazing delayed on the flight to Singapore has set me back for 4 hours. The captain has tried 2 attempts to land in Changi International Airport. Due to the severe thunderstorm. The 2 attempted landing were basically FAILED. The flight ended in JB until the weather was cleared in Changi International Airport.
There were couples of them in the flight were heading to the Phantom of the Opera Matinee Show in Marina Bay Sand. One old couple, the wifey was panic that they could not make it to the Phantom of the Opera. Cool mam... cool....

Science Center - After my friends picked me up @ Changi International Airport Terminal #1, we headed to the National Science Center near Jurong. It has been so long i haven't been to the Science Center. Due to the delay of the flight. The pre-purchased Omni Theather Ticket got burned. Tsk Tsk Tsk.... imagine so many kiddy and science related items to explore and play with... Worth~ We re-purchased the Omni Theater ticket. The IMAX floor to ceiling and half rounded dorm has made everything looks so GIGANTIC.

Giselle (Ballet Under the Stars) - This is the main purpose i traveled down to Singapore. My first experience of watching Ballet outdoor, moreover with picnic style... We have prepared lots of yummy food etc. The ballet was worth to watch and i have gathered another new experience. And a good observation on how people squeeze themselves into a smaller piece of grass. 

Fort Canning Hotel - Walked over to Fort Canning Hotel to chill out in their lounge. We had one drinks each and enjoying the quiet environment while waiting others to leave the area. Avoid the jam ;-)


mNhL said...

wow...ballet in open air! Nice experienced. But the flight delayed is sure a mood spoiler.

Small Kucing said...

too bad about the flight delay...should have ask for compensation on the burnt tix from the airline

TZ said...

mNhL: yup it's a very nice experience. This was the 2nd time that i had the experience which need to wait for weather to clear. The first one was in Taiwan. Waited in Taiwan airport caused the flight cannot land in Hong Kong.

TZ said...

small kucing: it's a budget airway i.e. Jetstar. But they are very friendly which served each of us a glass of water. And kept apologizing for not able to land in Changi Airport. Not sure how it would be on Air Asia... Anyone have idea?