Thursday, July 25, 2013

On visiting Batu Cave

It have been such a long time i haven't been to Batu Cave... when is the last time i went to Batu Cave? Can't even recall. This means that i haven't been there for a couple years. Anyway, there are quite a bit of change at Batu Cave. For those whom don't know what is Batu Cave... It's a temple built inside the Cave decades ago... Since the cave located higher ground, you need to climb 273 steps to get to the main temple.

273 steps leading to Batu Cave

View from Step #1

View from Step 273

Entrance of the Cave

Statues at the side of the cave wall

Inside Batu Cave, there is a main temple on the left

Early bird got the worm... Why i say that because we visited Batu Cave at around 8am. No many people visits the cave yet. Mainly those whom were using the staircase for training. As a result, the parking is FREE and we managed to observe people's offerings being offered to the GOD in the main temple.

It's kind a good experience to visit Batu Cave... Have you been to Batu Cave before?


mNhL said...

Looks like I should bring my kids to this place! It looks amazing (inside the cave).

Faisal Admar said...

I never been to Batu Cave. Someday maybe :)

foongpc said...

It's been a long long time since I last visited Batu Caves. maybe I should visit it again, and follow your advice to get there by 8am since I hate crowds! So what has changed there?

Rita said...

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Small Kucing said...

i surrender.....once standard 4 i nearly gone up but......

TZ said...

mNhL: you should... it's clean and nice to visit now. Well maintain.

Faisal Admar: Try to pay a visit. It's a very nice cave.