Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Visitors from Singapore

Two friends of mine from Singapore were in Kuala Lumpur last weekend. They flown in on Friday evening. I went to airport to pick them up.

Day #1 - Airport --> Moon Bar --> Friends' place

Another mutual friend of us has arranged to meet us at the Moon Bar @ Damansara Height. There was a jazz night. This bar served pork... pork burgers, roasted pork with bacon and so on... Yum Yum~
The jazz was very nice until we lost track of time and stayed until 2am in the morning... Over night at my friends' condominium.

Day #2 - Imbi road Pork Noodles --> Brew & Bread Cafe --> Klang Bak Kut Teh --> Fish Spa Master --> Mcdonalds --> Pandamaran Seafood --> Bonjour Cafe --> Friends' place

We woke up at 9 something, got ready and went over to Kota Kemuning for Imbi Road Pork Noodles. Not sure what is good about this pork noodles until so many queue up for the table. Luckily, their preparation and serving are quite swiftly.

Brew and Bread is just behind the Imbi Road Pork Noodles house which it's a good choice for a nice cup of coffee especially they served illy brand coffee. We have ordered 2 pieces of cakes (carrot and chocolate walnut) for sharing... cakes goes well with coffee eh~

Singaporean claimed Bak Kut Teh started from Singapore. This has made all my Klang friends so pissed. Anyway, no one can change the fact that Bak Kut Teh is originated from Klang. Do you see the yummy Bak Kut swimming in inside a pot of herbal soup? Tsk Tsk Tsk... I'm having a crave for Bak Kut Teh now. :(

First ever experience to pamper my feet for a Fish Spa @ Aeon Bukit Tinggi. In the beginning, I was so reluctant to put my feet into the water. Maybe it's a sign of fear on what would happen to my feet. Slowly after i connected with the little fishes... I felt a bit comfortable and slowly i placed my feet into the water and stay still for the fishes to have their meal.

The whole process was so ticklish and i was trying not to laugh throughout the whole session. After the spa, we dropped by McDonald for ice cream while waiting for the other friend to arrive. She was joining us for dinner

Dinner was in one of the old and famous Seafood Restaurant @ Pandamaran Port Klang. Do you see the Crab Roe? i bet you are drooling right now. We also ordered couple more seafood. Anyway, it was a very enjoyable meal as the 5 of us whom spent the Overloaded Food weekend in Malacca 1 2 gathered again in Klang for Seafood. We left Klang back to Kota Damansara after dinner since the Tong Sui at Klang required to wait for at least an hour.

My friend suggested to pay a visit to the Bonjour Cafe @ Sunway Damansara. This cafe looks porch but the service was not up to where they tried to position themselves. I'm not sure whether the coffee is nice or not as i drank tea. We were saying No Booze Just Tea! night but we ended buying the Calsburg Special Brew and went back to my friend's place to drink :p

Day #3 Batu Cave --> Yut Kee --> KLCC park --> IMAX 3D @ 1U --> Airport

Early bird got the worm... Believe it or not? We got the worm... We don't need to pay for the carpark, we managed to see the prayer in the main temple up the cave and we managed to avoid buses of tourist to Batu Cave.

All three of my friends who never visited Batu Cave. This cave was new to them. Batu Cave has welcomed its tourist with a 273 steps for climbing to the main temple ;-) Guess what? we finished the whole cave within 1.5 hrs. I learn something new and witness the offering on 8:30am at the main temple up the cave.

Yut Kee has been in KL since 1928. This is a old nanyang style cafe which served Hainanese pork chop. They are famous for its pork chop. My Singaporean friend really amaze and like the taste of the pork chop. she never tasted this kind of pork chop which is different from the western pork chop.

We are requested by the owner to share the table with 2 others customers whom we don't know each other. This is a common practice in Yut Kee Restaurant. So don't be surprise you are being asked to share. Sharing is Caring eh~

You can captured the image of the Twin Tower from different corner of KL city but do you ever go at the bottom of the twin tower and look up? So how is the view like?...

I bought the visitors to KLCC park after our breakfast. We walked about an hour and heading back to my friend's place to freshen up and heading to One Utama for Pacific Rim in IMAX 3D.

After the movie, we sat down and chill before heading to the airport. That's all folks, till then stay tune for another venture of my coming weekend. This round no more valley but it will be an island *wink


Twilight Man said...

You ate so much! How many calories need to burn?
Goodness you fed the fishes with your smelly feet!! Next day the fishes must have floated above the waters. Wakakakakaka

Anonymous said...

Eeeee...they say that fish spa thing isn't safe. Can spread hepatitis of whatever, one of those. No photos of you and your guests?

TZ said...

Twilight Man: my PT weight me yesterday evening. Despite i ate so much during the weekend. I have gotten rid of 400g of solid fat for the past week. So no worry :p So the fishes floated above the water after you have the fish spa eh~

Suituapui: Hmmm... is it so? Then this would be my last time to go fish spa.

Small Kucing said...

go so many places ah.. The Jaya Grocer at Bukit Jeluntong also have a Bonjour cafe

foongpc said...

Wah! So much food!! Singapore likes to claim the food as theirs as usual. And we know Malaysian food are much nicer and delicious!

[SK] said...

wow, what a hospitable friend!! you brought your SG friend to see and eat almost all the best of KL!!

errr, still go to fish spa?? it's know to spread many contagious disease leh~~ :p

TZ said...

Small Kucing: Yup... Squeeze everything in 2 days :p

foongpc: hahaha... the Singaporean friend has said that Malaysian food is better..

[SK]: No more fish spa. The first and the last.