Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Gym membership - What is your goal?

Gym membership seems like a trend in Malaysia and Singapore. Nowadays, almost every young people are talking about gymming... Are you a gym goer yourself?

"Which gym are you going?"
"Fitness First. u?"
"Oh... cool. Mine is Celebrity Fitness"
"I didn't join any chain. Mine is xxx on top of the shop houses"
"Wow~ there is a hardcore gym eh~"

So, what would you like to achieve when you join the gym?

Different people has different goal to achieve in the gym. Some people engaging the Personal Trainer to strength their stamina and core, work hard and hoping to get the result fast... But some people just go to the gym to enjoy the environment, walking around and chit chat. This bunch are the happy go lucky... Minimum exercise~ ...There are group whom like to stalk people from behind to see what others are working out... These people just spent most of the time walking around the gym,  and they are not serious about working out hard.... Maybe their goal is not workout but stalk out...No point to join the gym eh~

I saw a very humorous way of representing the gym members inside the gym... 

Adapted from FB - Muscle and Brawn
So which one of the above character well represent you as a gym member?
What is your goal when you sign up for the gym?


[SK] said...

i think that comic is not comprehensive enough lah.. there are a lot more weirdo people i see in the gym (probably inclusive of myself in the eyes of others, haha)~~

Twilight Man said...

SK is right!!!!!! I will draw my own comic to show you how TZ lingers and lazes around! Muahahaha

TZ said...

[SK]: hahahah... this is just a common description of the gym members. Anyway, agreed with you that they are weirdo in the gym.

Twilight Man: Result will show who is lingers and lazes around~ Muhahaha... wanna to see what is the comic you gonna draw to show me in the gym ;-)