Thursday, July 11, 2013

Operasi Mencari Minions kat Singapura

Last Friday I kicked started the operasi mencari Minions after knowing a lot of people has gotten their Minions from McD. Guess what? McD in the valley has put on their big sign SOLD OUT... no more Minions in the happy meal. I wondered how the kids think? They must be cursing those adult who bought the happy meal and got the Minions.

Minions set in McD Happy Meal
One of my friend has drawn the conclusion... Happy Meal in McD no longer a kids meal. Lots of adult are lining up for the happy meal toy. For instance, people in the island of Singapore queued up for HELLO KITTY. so what next? The minion is going to the island.

People in Singapore, are you ready for Minions?
People in Singapore, are you ready for Minions?
People in Singapore, are you ready for Minions?

Hmmm... now that Singapore is going to start the happy meal with Minions today, should i expand my Operasi Mencari Minions down to the island *still thinking*

What do you think?


Small Kucing said...

crazy ah you? go all the way from KL to Singapore??????

get one of your Singaporean friends to buy la

today new set of minion...go to McD at highway sure will have one....Those ulu ulu McD...dont go shopping complex la.....

TZ said...

small kucing: All the minions in Singapore just disappear within hours... No more~ Luckily i didn't make a trip down.

Mr Lonely said...

well, it seems like so many people collecting this minions~ XD

TZ said...

Mr. Lonely: I also notice people in UK also collect this. In fact they are selling these minions on e-Bay.

thompsonboy said...

my colleague bought sell on ebay

Small Kucing said...

*faint* you really planning to go....

if you are that desperate, yesterday i went to puncak alam branch they still have stock. but not the 3 last week ones.

You can try go puncak alam to buy

McDonald's Puncak Alam
Lot 10655, Jalan Utama
Bandar Puncak Alam
45010 Kuala Selangor.
Tel : 03 - 3392 5022
Fax : 03 - 3392 5023

call first before go just in case habis.

straight road from there can go Klang...FRiday...can go seafoodn hunting lor

TZ said...

Thompsonboy: This is too much cause i saw kid cried out because they could not get the minions. Shame on your colleagues. BTW, i wondered how he/she handle the 40 sets of Happy Meal? Don't tell me they just discard them into trash. What a waste if they did it.

TZ said...

Small Kucing: I have gotten the 2 minions launched in Malaysia. Unfortunately i don't have the first 3 which launched last weekend. I thought i could just get it from Singapore. But...