Monday, July 15, 2013

On visiting Kanching Waterfall

One of my friend invited me to join his team of friends whom likes the outdoor. I'm not that much of an outdoor person especially jungle trekking with all the leeches. This round my friend told me there is no leeches and it's a very simple hike. Yay Yay~

Saturday morning, I drove over to my friend place, parked my car and hopped on to his car. We went for Dim Sum brekkie @ Selayang before heading over to Kanching Waterfall.

Where is Kanching Waterfall? Kanching Waterfall located near Templar park. It's a natural reserve park between Templar and Rawang. The waterfall has divided into multiple levels. The well maintained levels are from level 1~4. I managed to go up to level 5 which unfortunately was not even maintained... the gazebo near the level 5 waterfall has collapsed.

We decided to stayed in Level 4 which is we could have the whole waterfall by ourselves.

@ Level 4
@ Level 4, water flowing down to Level 3
@Level4, Sun shining...
Zoom-in on waterfall @Level4
Sneak view of  level3 from the top
Waterfall @ Level3 - A man made pool for swim
Level 2
After spending 2 hours plus sitting by the waterfall since i didn't want to swim. We ended our outing with a fishy lunch at Lan Je. Order 3 type of African fish (the black one) dishes. The same type of African fish that i had in Uganda Africa. But the fish texture was not as good as in Uganda as it was sweet and chewy over there but not in Lan Je. Rare vs Wild...

Lan Je steam African Fish


foongpc said...

I love to go trekking but minus the leeches please! : )

TZ said...

Foongpc: This place has no leeches... so i bet you will like it :)

Twilight Man said...

I went there many years ago back in early 90s!!!

Small Kucing said...

didnt know there is a Kanching water fall

Been to templar park only once . That was like 10-15 yrs ago. that time also not well maintained :(

TZ said...

Twilight Man: wow~ at that time i was still in schooling. Then it's time for you to pay a visit to see the difference.

Small Kucing: you gotta pay a visit to Kanching water fall then. I also not a waterfall person as i always things that it's so dirty. But this is different eh~

shades said...

Thinking of going there on hari raya... got figh to catch or not? The kinds you put in a fish tank, not eat.