Saturday, July 13, 2013

McD Happy Meal + Minions : Keep Calm It's only a plastic toys...

Are you calm enough to talk about Minions?
Is it only a plastic toys? For kids maybe it's only a plastic toys but for the collectors and people whom try to make profit out of this event. This is NOT just a plastic toys. What do you think?

I know my friends have wake up early to have McD breakfast and at the same time follow friend to get the Minions. This is what he took the picture and posted in the facebook. Is it worth to day that?

6 sets of Happy Meal - pic adapted from my FB friend
Another friend of mine posted the picture of people using trolley to transport the happy meal because it's too many for them to carry. This is ridiculous as how the person can finish all those happy meal. How many happy meal can you eat?

Amazingly crazy - Photo adapted from FB sharing,

Now, what do you think about the person who has full trolley of Happy Meal, what are they going to do with the food and why they need to purchase so many set. According to a reader of my blog, his colleague has bought 40 sets of Happy Meal and plan to sell those free minions on e-Bay. My question now is how about the 40 sets of happy meal? Throw?

The McD minions has made a hooha which people queue up to get the happy meal. People just take the toy and throw away the Happy Meal. Some even proudly announce in FB that they will throw away the Happy Meal once they gotten the cute little minions. Is this right way to do?

No doubt McD has made its profit via the Happy Meal sales... but as this strong communities involvement company like McD. They has triggered and encouraged people to throw away a happy meal in exchange of a small little Minions. I'm very disappointed to see McD allows their customer to throwaway the food into the dustbin which the other side of the world, many people is struggling, starving and craving for a nice, warm and filling meal.

Whoever whom has thrown away the Happy Meal for the minions or other happy meal toys. Do reflect your action as Karma will horn and strike you one day.



[SK] said...

yes, i really despise those people who bought Happy Meals in bulks, just for the toy and food thrown away.. and then make their big fortune by reselling them online.. they are indeed DESPICABLE!!!

TZ said...

[SK]: I'm piss with those people who waste the food. I hope karma will strike them soon. Especially those who make a big fortune by reselling them online.

Small Kucing said...

And the quality not that good pun

TZ said...

Small Kucing: Agreed. Quality is not that great. Disappointed!!!