Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

I have been a good boy since January 01 2014. I want to send you this letter to let you know what my Xmas wish list. Hopefully I could get my wishes granted ;-)

Sock for pressie has been hanged on the hook near the windows easy for Santa to deliver... hehehehe
Santa are you ready? Here you go my wish list
  • On the first day of Xmas :  Help Santa deliver wishes
  • On the 2nd day of Xmas  :  Happiness moments with family and friends
  • On the 3rd day of Xmas  :  An established business
  • On the 4th day of Xmas  :  Better job career (@ Singopre or Bangkok)
  • On the 5th day of Xmas  :  100 millions cash to all the orphanage that needed
  • On the 6th day of Xmas  :  Strike Toto 1st prize
  • On the 7th day of Xmas  :  Free Booze Booze for New Year Countdown
  • On the 8th day of Xmas  :  Conserved all Heritage sites
  • On the 9th day of Xmas  : VW Passat
  • On the 10th day of Xmas  : 4 vacation package to South America
  • On the 11th day of Xmas : A condominium in Singapore
  • On the 12th day of Xmas : Granted families' and friends' wishes

HO HO HO... Merry Xmas~

Thank you.


The Yum List said...

Great wish list!

TZ said...

The Yum List: hehe...thanks~ You have a wish list yourself?

foongpc said...

Good luck!! Merry Christmas! :)

Small Kucing said...

wah...very tall demand wor....LOL...I wanna tumpang too can ah...LOL

TZ said...

foongpc: Thanks :)

Small Kucing: hehehe... Can can, what you want ;-)

Anonymous said...

my wishlist: in need of cash. many many cash.

TZ said...

Dear Zach: ho ho ho... Merry Xmas~