Friday, November 7, 2014

Coffee Place : Vinh Hung Heritage Hotel @ Hoi An, Vietnam

Vietnamese coffee has been known as one of the best coffee in the world. I happened to have a very traditional way of drinking Vietnamese Coffee in Vinh Hung Heritage Hotel, Hoi An, Vietnam when we were having breakfast.
Vietnamese Coffee
The coffee took 15 mins to drip from the upper deck to the cup. The fresh brew coffee smell so nice and guess what? I drank 2 cups...

Vinh Hung Heritage Hotel located in the central of Unesco Heritage Hoi An ancient city. The hotel serve delicious breakfast and strong fragrance Vietnamese fresh brewed Coffee... Yum Yum~


Twilight Man said...

I do love Vietnamese coffee very much but they are not the best in the world lah.

Adlexus said...

Their coffee is just lovely

TZ said...

Twilight: hehehe... then which coffee is the best in the world?

Adlexus: I like those traditional vietnamese coffee... drip drip~