Thursday, November 27, 2014

Flower in the meal @ Eat Thai

There was a flora festival when i visited Bangkok early last month (November). My friend bought us to the high end food court at the lower ground of Embassy Central. This food court, EAT THAI has been advertised in many magazine and travel shows which famous for having all the Thai crusine from various part of Thailand. Basically, you can find every single Thai food in this food court from street food until traditional restaurant food...

It happened that when we were there, they have the Flora festival and we gotten the chance to taste the flower in the meal. Yes~ they placed some flower in the meal, one of the Thai delicacy since olden days.

Ingredient for rolls
We ordered spring rolls with flowers... Yup, It's various type of flowers... Taste? Taste like flower... Smell nice and sweet.

Flower Spring rolls
This is my first time tasting flower in the meal... but definitely not my last~


The Yum List said...

What pretty food!

William said...

You can actually buy flower salad from the more high class supermarkets like Jaya Grocer.

Small Kucing said...

really eat flower wor.

zerachiel said...

wow...that's bizarre...i know rose n hibiscus petals could be dried to make tea, but this, hmmmm, kinda new to me

TZ said...

The Yum List: You know, Thai always decorated their food to make it pretty ;-)

William: Oh~ One day i should pay a visit and buy a pack to try out flower salad... would you like to have some?

Small Kucing: Yes the real flower being eaten.

Zerachiel: The moment you have it in your mouth, you can actually smell the flower... some sweet fragrance.