Thursday, November 6, 2014


You must be thinking what TZ posting on this post eh~

What is this? Hmmm...
Must be disappointed eh~ nothing nudity :-p
What come to your mind when you see the picture? Looks like a condom packaging eh~
Please don't ask me what is this cause i could not read Thai... Can anyone translate what is this for...

Anyone can translate?
I guess it's a mint and it's should swallow to ensure your mouth is fresh ;-)
Okay~ Let's look inside...

Inside content
Quite interesting... Looks like fish roe~


zerachiel said...

why on earth would they name a mouth freshener brand as "nude" ? LoL, that's so hilarious

TZ said...

Zerachiel: I really have no idea, this come with my Music run pack. But it's very effective ;-)

BTW, thanks for dropping by :-D