Thursday, November 20, 2014

Penang Bridge International Marathon (PBIM) - 10km run

TZ and friend went for the 1st PBIM on 2nd bridge. It's everyone first time running on the 2nd bridge and it's the world largest bridge run with 60,000 participants.

As early as 5am, TZ and friend has started to get ready and hit the Ferry Bus Terminal to hop on to the APBIM free shuttle that ferry people over to the PBIM runner village.

It was 6:20am in the morning, only 16 people on board waiting for the bus to leave for the bridge. Few minutes later, the crowd came in and the bus drivers has to reject some of the participant due to the bus has already full.

The bus was slowing down after Intel heading to the 2nd bridge due to heavy traffic. It took us 1 hour to reach the runner village and it was approaching 7:20am. 10 mins to the 10km flag off. TZ and friend were running towards the starting point and tried to squeeze in after the flag off. It wasn't a good idea but there was no other choice.

After the first 100m, there was the ramp up to the bridge. Everyone has slowed and walking up the ramp. TZ's friend has quoted this run as "Walkathon" instead of "Marathon". A mutual friend even quoted this run as "Running into so many lamp posts" (lamp posts = participant that walk in the middle of the runway)

After ramp up
Approaching the four pillars
After the turning back
TZ selfie with the 4 pillars
TZ and friend finished the run at around 9:30am. Managed to get the finisher medal and happily walked over to the shuttle bus station. Guess what? It was a disaster in the shuttle bus station.... [to be continue]


zerachiel said...

guess you had a bad time....

TZ said...

Zerachiel: The run is so so... or i should say the walk is good~ But...