Sunday, November 23, 2014

Bar hopping @ Georgetown, Penang

The night before The Penang Bridge International Marathon (PBIM) run, TZ and friend went for a bar hopping in heritage site Penang downtown.

First stop, Traffic @ Beach Street, didn't managed to see any traffic police inside... Just saw two singers on the stage singing mandarin song... Quite a nice bistro for chatting, not so packed. Not sure it's too early~
Two singers was singing Chinese Song
2nd Stop: CAMEO - Come And Meet Each Others, not many people for us to meet. Maybe it's too early. The music is okay and it's actually a dancing club... 

Come And Meet Each Other (CAMEO)
Quite empty - DJ at the stage rolling upbeat music

We ordered a bottle of beer, stay about 45 mins and decided to move on to the next destination, THE BANK... don't worry we are not gonna rob the bank eh~ We might rob the drink only. LoL

The Bank - Anyone need money?
We ended up skipped The Bank and proceed to The Press due to the timing... 
Why the bar called THE PRESS? The building was hosted Kwang Wah Yit Poh press office. It has turned to one of the heritage building and the bar is named THE PRESS
The Press
To our surprise, there were a cover charge of RM50 each with a free bottle of beer or one bucket of beer / smirnoff vodka each. We told the front lady, we could not finished two buckets and she offered us to leave those for our next visit. Hey~ how long are you able to let us leave the bottles, ONE YEAR, TWO YEARS... WE ARE TOURIST LAH!!! In additional, TZ's friend was kind of pisse and a bit sarcastic... she quickly turned and agreed with our purchase of one bucket to enter THE PRESS. This was a surprise to TZ how they managed... 

Anyway, we kind of enjoy our time in THE PRESS. 
Compare to the rest of the bars, THE PRESS has the nicest interior and it has a mini skybar on the top floor which can oversee the ferry terminal and port weld. A cool place for chill over a bottle of beer or a glass of wine. 

After finished a bucket + 1 bottle of Smirnoff Vodka, we decided to head back to our hotel and got 2 hours of sleep before the PBIM run. It was a very enjoyable night out with friend. ;-)


The Yum List said...

What a fun little bar hop. I love that things are close enough in Georgetown that you can easily hop from one to the next.

TZ said...

The Yum List: yup it's close and it's all walking distance. :-)