Sunday, November 9, 2014

On eating NOT FRESH Prawn @ Phat Thai Jumbo Prawn, Chatuchak Market, Bangkok

Jumbo Prawn
Jumbo Prawn
The attractive jumbo prawn looks yummy eh~
We cannot judge the book by its cover, this is true for this LOOKS yummy prawn.

The prawn that we order
We were so happy thought that we have nice and yummy jumbo prawn to eat as I got to know this Phat Thai Jumbo Prawn place from Nat Geo People featuring Chatuchak Market. 9 big prawns cost us THB1,500. One cost about RM12 per piece... If it's fresh it still worth the money, unfortunately they served us a plate of  NOT FRESH jumbo prawn... What can we do? Complain?...

When my friend inform them on the NOT Fresh jumbo prawn, they didn't even response... this is really a very disappointed encountered in Thailand. I felt being cheated as they posted an article about they received an award for its best/famous Jumbo Prawn in JJ Market. (wondered how much they pay to get the award?)

This would be the first and the last time to visit Phat Thai @ Chatuchak Market, Bangkok for its Jumbo Prawn...

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