Friday, November 28, 2014

Coffee Place : Infusion @ One Utama

One evening while waiting for my movie to starts on 19:00. I paid a visit to this side walk coffee place, Infusion @ One Utama. It located in the old wing and one floor below TGV.

I gotten a warm greeting from the barista and ordered a Latte. Sat at the sofa behind the counter and chill over there for an hour. There is one friendly, talkative and playful barista that made the place become lively. He greeted passby and try to strike conversation with them. It's a very different environment from others.



The Yum List said...

If they have good coffee, I'd make a visit too.

Small Kucing said...

ya wor...a welcoming face is good for business.

TZ said...

The Yum List: Tasty or not is very subjective but to me, they have the standard ;)

Small Kucing: you also agreed that eh~