Saturday, November 1, 2014

On having ramen in KamiKaze Ramen-ya

More and more Ramen house in Kuala Lumpur... HungryGoWhere has come out the most tasty Ramen in Klang Valley. Do you agree with the rating?

Here are the top 7 Ramen house rated by HungryGoWhere
  1. Ippudo Ramen @ Pavilion - KL
  2. Menya Musashi @ Isetan One Utama - PJ
  3. Bankara @ Avenue K - KL
  4. Marutama Ramen @ Fahrenheit 88 - KL
  5. Hokkaido Ramen Santouka @ Pavillion - KL
  6. Bari-Uma @ Jaya Shopping Centre - PJ
  7. Taiko Japanese cuisine @ Mont Kiara - KL
I have been to x out of 7. I found okay only. Some of them just cost a bomb. Which i found it normal with high price. One Ramen cost about RM25-RM40 per bowl. Expensive eh~

Anyway, I suppose to taste the so called the best Ramen in town which located in Pavillion. My friend invited to join him to taste this ramen. He gotten a voucher buy 1 free 1 ramen in Ippudo. Ended up he was on MC.

Guess what? I ended up in Kamikaze Ramen-ya in 1 Mont Kiara. Kamikaze means to make a suicidal crash attack. Doesn't sound good eh~ But the Ramen taste good and price is reasonable. So, it didn't seems KamiKaze to me.

Shiro KamiKaze (Pork Soup Ramen)
Take a close look at the CharShio

Juicy CharShio
Half and hour later...

Burp~ Yummy
I finished all the soup and left the bowl clean... Now you can see their logo and brand name. It's yummy but unfortunately they are not in the HungryGoWhere rating list which i think they are qualify to be one of the Ramen house in the list.


Happy walker said...

sigh, those 7 ramen shop, i don't even try once.. aiks

TZ said...

Happy Walker: Not really very nice~ So you haven't lose anything.