Wednesday, November 19, 2014

On watching the Big Hero 6 in 3D

Since Monday evening i don't have conference call and i was not fully recovered from the Penang Bridge International Marathon - 10km run. I decided to pay a visit to TGV OneU to watch the Big Hero 6 in 3D.

Many of my friends said it is a good movie. As this is an animated movie, i have to get this off my list fast before the school holiday starts. Just don't want to share the cinema with those kids that asking lots of questions during the movie.

"Mom why like this, mom why like that"
"Dad see the tummy... "

Worse case is the Mommy and Daddy still reply to their kids... Sigh~

Anyway, back to the movie... Should i continue to tell the story. Hmmm... don't wanna to be the spoiler i think better not. Someone will be screaming if I continue to blog about the movie. Okay, i just stop with a trailer eh~

Go ahead and watch this movie, I personally think it is nicely done as an animation especially the white bit fat robot, Baymax. Oops~


Small Kucing said...

Okies :)

TZ said...

Small kucing: you watched already?