Monday, November 10, 2014


Are you afraid of ghost?
Are you afraid of time difference?
Are you afraid of dimensions in our world, space? (galaxy etc)
Do you want to prolong your life?

Hey, after watching this movie, it kind of giving me some thought of, is there really having this kind of dimensions and relativity theory... or just a science fictions? What do you think?

I was watching INTERSTELLAR last Friday with my friend at Paradigm Mall. I didn't expect it was a nearly 3hrs movie. Although the movie is lengthy but i did not looking forward for the movie to end. The storyline is quite good and it was a surprise ending to me.

Not to be a spoiler as i know a lot of my readers might not watch the movie yet. I would like to recommend you to watch it and let me know what do you think about those science related question they bought out in the movie...

Enjoy the movie eh~


Small Kucing said...

errr... am one of those that scare of ghost

TZ said...

Small Kucing: Oops~

zerachiel said...

not afraid of anything, and nope, wouldn't wish to prolong my life, heck no, living amidst a crazy society is seriously stressful, hahaha

by the way,realized this movie was given a very good review by most bloggers, so can't wait to watch it :D

TZ said...

Zerachiel: It's worth to watch... quick go and watch~