Saturday, November 8, 2014

New Fitness First Functional workout Area

After Fitness First 1 Mont Kiara refurbished, they have built a dedicated functional workout area on one corner of the gym.

New Functional Workout Area
The workout area is not very big but it's quite sufficient for members to have a good workout. It equipped with lots of functional workout equipment like Monkey bar... etc.

Everyday @ 6pm, a functional workout session is held here and lots of core gym goer participate with energetic workout body... Each session has one facilitator whom setup a few stations for the participants to rotate to workout. The participant can choose which station to start with... If not mistaken the participant has to workout in the particular station for a minute. When the bell rings, they rotate to another station.

Workout session
Workout session
One day i should sign up and workout together with this team...
Anyone try this before?


Happy walker said...

@.@, i seldom go do gym geh~

TZ said...

Happy Walker: You wanna go gym, one of the weekend i can sign you in ;-)

zerachiel said...

is that really a gym ? looks more like a playground, so colourful,hehehe

back here in Seremban, there are few "well equipped" gyms, but less people go...there are plenty of McD outlets, and lots of people go there...guess Seremban folks mindset is different from the ones in

i don't mean to offend fast food enthusiasts, but wouldn't the world be a better place if everyone starts to take good care of their health ? =)

TZ said...

Zerachiel: yes~ it's a playground for Gym Goer... it's the new playground setup by Fitness First to their members.

like your comment on gym vs fast food chain. ;-)