Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Picture A Day - Content Restructured

It has been long time I did not actively post picture into A Picture A Day, finally I decided to revamp the content of A Picture A Day...

From November 17th onwards, A Picture A day will be having different category of photo in each day...

  • Monday - Photo from Unesco Heritage Site that TZ visited 
  • Tuesday - Sunset/Sunrise/Night Scene
  • Wednesday - Wordless Wednesday -- Anything goes
  • Thursday - View from TZ's camera
  • Friday - A food day 
  • Saturday - PhotoHunt; TZ will post photo according to The Saturday Photohunt
  • Sunday - Portrait/Animal/Flower/objects

So stay tune for the up coming post eh~


Small Kucing said...

long time i didnt go that blog :p

zerachiel said...

can't wait for Monday, i'm into ancient monuments n historical sites =)

Twilight Man said...

You are suddenly active in blogging again! What vitamin did you eat? LOL

TZ said...

Small Kucing: Is it because long time i didn't update ;-)

Zerachiel: You like to visit Ancient Site too eh~ How many Unesco Heritage Sites you have visited?

Twilight Man: Hahaha... Is there Vitamin? I also don't know what Vitamin. Any suggestion? Just to gain back the momentum and try to get back the good memory of blogging.

zerachiel said...

ok, here are the Unesco Heritage sites that I had visited so far...

China :
- imperial palaces in Beijing
- summer palace
- temple of heaven
- many other places i can't
recall, went there in 2006
- great wall of China

India :
( Tamil Nadu )
- Mahabalipuram :
- Shore Temple
- chariot temples of Pandavas
- Chola Monuments :
- Tanjore big temple
- Darasuram
- Gangaikondacholapuram
( Karnataka )
- monuments at Hampi
- temples of Pattadakal

that's all so far, hope to visit more ancient monuments in the future =)