Thursday, March 8, 2007

a New Blog Title was born

Guess what? I got this blog title after i woke up from a nap this evening. All of the sudden it came to my mind that i would like to name my blog 5 Elements of my life . hehehe...

Which 5 elements?

  1. FEELING: Life is like a roller costal which sometime you will feel happy; sad; frastruction; exciting; down; disappointed etc...
  2. DREAM: I use DREAM as one of the element as I think everyone including myself should have a dream and wishes in our life.
  3. MAKING DECISION: Important element eh! The moment you wake up everyday, you are making decision... small, risky, impactful, .... So what is your decision ?
  4. HEALTH: A strong mind starts with a fit body. What is more important HEALTH or others? you decide.
  5. WEALTH: Job would be able to help on generate wealth. So do investment. Let's work Smart and Invest Smart.

Enough for me to talk about the 5 elements of my life. What is the elements of your life?

1 comment:

Musa said...

sounds like you're about to write a self-help book.. hehehe

My 5 elements?
er.. I just have 3 elements. hehehe