Friday, March 23, 2007

Penang : Day 4

I met more people today. We have the two team to meet in a same room today. More decision making, argument, debate and discussion happened. It was a interesting session as the whole team is more lively with lots of vocal managers... :-)

We finished about 1/2 hr earlier than expected. After greeting everyone good bye and enjoy the weekend. I left the company for hotel. Reached hotel then realized that i had the DO NOT DISTURB lights on. As the result, the housekeeper did not house kept the room. Call the reception downstairs, get my stuff to Fitness First @ Island Plaza. Attended the RPM, taught by Andrew, one of the PT @ Island Plaza. He is very humor and new but good to RPM. He given lots of option for the new comer / amateur, for me as the advance RPMer. I ignored the easy options and heading for the hardest options. It was a tired and satisfied workout.

Felt Hungry after the workout. I have no idea where to have my dinner. I realized that is one steak house near the gurney drive is good. There is a bar and Restuarant together in a quiet old banglo. Here you go some decription about the restaurant ...

BAGAN @ Penang
A bungalow along Jalan Bagan Jermal was chosen to house BAGAN. A place where one can unwind to impress and to rendezvous in an ambience of class and style.
Bagan provides a spacious lounge, dining area, with a capacity of 100 pax. The physical layout of BAGAN was constructed in such a unique setting that a whole evening can be spent here. In such, diners can savour their favourite wine or drink from the extensive wine and drink list. Snacks are a plenty in choice for those who want a drink and have a light eat before dinner. For dinner, proceed to the dining area and experience the mouth watering dishes painstakingly prepared by our chefs. For the romantic, private dining is available upon reservation. For after dinner drinks, diners and drinkers have a choice to sit back and enjoy latin, jazz, retro and easy listening songs or proceed to the lounge which is equipped with a pool table. Here, those who enjoy a cigar with their wine as well as those who love to nibble on cheese while they enjoy their wine can do so with sheer indulgence due to the choice that is available.
The cuisine is predominantly Continental and appetizers range from Beef Carpaccio to other interesting fare like the Buffalo Mozzarella. To tickle the taste buds, the homemade Tomato Soup laced with Gin is a must. Main cuisines can be chosen from the continental as well as straits chinese menu.

As such, the New Zealand beef tenderloin and chargrilled beef sirloin are the old favourites. For the avant-garde and the adventurous try the stirfried water convolvulus with chilli "kangkong sambal " and the deepfried fish pickled in tumeric vinaigrette "acar hoo ".
Sweet temptations are not to be missed at the end of a tantalising and tasty meal. The Chocolate Mousse is a chocolate lover's dream come true. The Sherbets are so cool and refreshing to the palate, and the Lemon Cheesecake is gastronomically pleasing.

Opening hours are from 3:00pm - 1:00am (Monday to Thursday) and 3:00pm - 2:00am (Friday to Sunday). Last order for the kitchen is at 11.30pm daily. For further information , please feel free to contact us.

I ordered the NZ Beef Tenderlion and a glass of Long Island Ice Tea. The steak is very juicy and tasty. Unfortunately, i don't have a camera with me, otherwise i would have taken the food and show all of you on the great dish deco and taste... :-) I had another glass of cocktail before i left the place. I would recommend people to go to this restaurant. The only things is that it is quite pricy ... :-) What would you expect for a specialty & well designed restaurant. hehehe...

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