Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The only guy in the class ...

As usual, I went to Gym this evening. I managed to attend 3 classes (Body Balance; Body Attack and RPM) tonite. I'm satisfied and a little tired... :->

I arrived Fitness First Maxis about 5:30pm. I quickly got myself changed and straight to the class. The instructor Cynthia shown me the new release moves as this was my first time to the new release ... The new Body Balance is tougher than the previous release but still manageable... :-> Surprisingly, doing this release i was sweating throughout the class.

After the Body Balance, i straight away hit the Body Attack class. Jackson is the instructor for today's Body Attack. He is full of energy and he motivated us throughout the class. A recommended class to attend. Guess what? I'm the only guy in the class with about more than 20's lady in the class. What a lucky day *Wink*. The class has a mix of regular and new comer. It was a enjoyable class as the energy of working out is so high that we were jumping up and down, side to side as what the Body Attack class is designed. Not to mention, i was soaking with sweat and felt good after the class.

RPM is my last attempt. I just wanna to challenge myself after the Body Attack. Decided to hit the RPM to see whether i would be able to finish the whole class. Surprise! I managed to finish the whole class without any pain in my leg.

Thanks to my Vince Carter Basketball Nike Shoe which i don't feel any pressure during the Body Attack class and be able to perform up to expectation during the RPM. So, wear your basketball shoe for Body Attack, you will not regret ... :->

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Musa said...

Wah.. so proud lah... 3 hours workout!! mission 6 pack on the go I see... :p

Why so excited being the only dude in a jumping up& down classes? seen a lot of bouncing? hehehe...

hey, buy me shoes like yours.. my leg is killing me! please... ;)