Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Rainny Tuesday Morning ...

I'm going to leave KL for Penang on a F2F meeting. I will be driving to Penang this round. You must be thinking "hey TZ, don't you know there is a flight to Penang?" The reason i drive to Penang is that i could have my own transport to go around Penang after work. Especially i could hit the Fitness First @ Island Plaza for my gym session in the evening... hehehe... :-)

I woke up about 5 something and realized that outside is raining heavily... oh what a Tuesday morning and yet i need to drive to Penang this morning. I have to delay my journey by 1.5 hour and i will only reach Penang before lunch. Anyhow, my meeting will not start until 2pm. I will have enough time to settle down in Penang before the meeting. :->

I think the rain has stopped. I better get going before the rain starts again :-)

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