Monday, March 26, 2007

Leaving for US without flying...

I will be working with US folks without flying to US. Guess how i could do that? :->
Thanks to the technology provided by my company and the so called flexi hour. I will be switching Malaysia work schedule to work on US timezone. It is fun but also taxing... hehehe...

Anyway, my manager just assigned me to the new role and i'm waiting for a person to take over and transition from me on my current job... solving problem on an application. Let me tell you about my new role, i will be the person of contact and seeking / learning the customers factory business process especially operation process. Then i would need to recommend some capability solution to the customers and driving some program to achieve the most optimum factory. Sound challenging eh!... In fact it is a challenging job but that's what i like and wanted so much :-)

I will be working four days this week... in another words it is good but i need to work at least 10 hours a day to make up my Friday.

Gotta to rite now. Going to attend the toastmaster adhoc ugent meeting. Not sure what president will announce, anyway does not sounds good... :-p

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