Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Good Morning Arizona ... :->

I just logged in to the network and started my day / nite... i'm a bit confuse... (FYI, it is 11:31pm Malaysia time). To all my Malaysian collague & Friends... sweet dream eh! Wakie wakie, Arizona ... I will be having a conference call from 1000-1700 (AZ) 0100-0800(Msia). I hope i would not doze off during the meeting... :-> otherwise, they will hear some ZZZZZ sound.

Anyway, since i'm not working in the daytime. I picked up my new Credit Card from the bank, and paid my telephone and broadband bill and settle my lunch in a Vietnamese Restaurant called DuViet @ Bangsar Village. The service is very good and the environment is nice too. I had the Vietnamese Beef Noodles as usual in the Vietnamese restaurant. Everytime i have Vietnamese Beef noodles, i recalled the noodles that i had in Saigon @ Chandler Arizona. No Vietnamese Beef noodles that i tasted in Malaysia is as good as the one in Chandler. Boss i need a trip to satisfy my crave for Beef Noodle @ Chandler ... hehehe... :-p

I went to Fitness First @ Maxis late evening. Attended NOR intermediate class as planned. I skipped the BodyCombat as there were too many people. But my gym buddy Musa went on with the bodycombat class. Musa, did you get your butt kicked? You know, bodycombat is all about kicking and punching. With the crowd, it is impossible to kick like a macho man.. unless you are careless and kick others butt... :-p

I switched my workout to RPM Challenge. Ben had the class and he is very experience, guess what i used to go for his class everyday in different outlet when i first started RPM. I like his class because he kind of giving lots of option for the beginner and the advance. So you could choose your own options... :->

I ended my workout with NOR's basic step class. This is not a difficult class but gurantee sweating... :-) My sweat is dripping even after the class... I sweat until all my clothing included undies totally wet ... i don't know how to describe the experience and feeling. If you are the Fitness First members ... I would urge you to join the class and experience yourself (Basic Step by NOR : Tues 8-9pm Fitness First Maxis)

Oops, gotta stop blogging rite now... hey TZ you are working ... :-p

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