Tuesday, March 13, 2007

No Internet No Life!!! ... :-(

My home broadband is down again... If i not mistaken, the last time i called them up was six months ago. Guess what Internet Service Provider that i subscribed? Bingo! Streamyx...

If i have a chance to rate the services provided by Streamyx, i would rate their services extremely unsatisfied. I wanted to change ISP but unfortunately i don't have much choice thanks to the telco policy set in Malaysia. Thanks to those who made these policy.

Anyway, the problem is that I could not obtain an IP from Streamyx Server with a stable ADSL line. I could see the status from my D-Link Modem this means in technical the physical communication layer is working fine. When coming to request an IP address, the server could not assigned one. Base on my network experience, I suspected the server is run out of IP because of overloading of request for IP. Do you have this problem since yesterday?

I called up the help desk last nite, and gone through the whole standard instruction before they were willingly help me to launch a report. To fix the problem they need two working day i.e. 48 hrs. Hey come on just the IP address issue, need 2 working days... what kind of service are you providing ... :-( I really have no further comment... This is Malaysia business.


ari said...

no life without internet - please tze ee, you need to get out more. hope all is going well my friend. today starts my countdown - only 2 more months until i am done with all my core courses for school. how are my eyes and ears in KL? all the best. i just got back from a nice jog and now need to hit the sack ahead of a day with 9 hours of meetings :<

TZ said...


Nice to hear from you. Wow, someone started excise, way to go buddy... Guess what another 2 more months i will have the 6 packs, i'm working very hard to achieve it... hehehe


Musa said...

6 pack? wow... way to go TZ!