Friday, March 30, 2007

Weekend getaway ... :->

Just finished my work and hurray! Mission accomplish! We had came to agree with a good plan + a good decision on the new program/project. Unfortunately, during these few days meeting, i got lots of AR (Action Required) to follow up. This is a norm for my company on this kind of meeting. Anyway, better than nothing to follow ... :-p I will be busy on the next two weeks as i need to close all my AR before my vacation... yahoo! the vacation is approaching :-) What vacation? My Sabah trip ...

Anyway, there still 2 weeks to blog about my Sabah plan. btw, I will be going out of the city this weekend for a short getaway to my dad's hometown @ Kuala Kangsar, a small town in the state of Perak which is north of Kuala Lumpur. My parents and i will be going to visit my grand parents and great grand parents grave as what we Chinese did once a year. So it is the Ching Ming Festival in Chinese Society. This is the time that we commemorate our ancestor by paying a visit to their grave to pray and pay respect to them. I had recharged my camera battery to take some snapshot to share with all of you on what and how the Ching Ming Festival looks like. Stay tune eh!

My dad will be doing the driving this afternoon. My job is to get a nice sleep during the trip as i had worked througout the nite. Dad thanks for taking up the driving as it is not safe for me to drive :->

Yup! I have a backlog which i promise to blog on my Malacca weekend with my two colleagues and my gym buddy. Sorry for the delay, i was having an extremely busy week. I will see whether i could get the connection to the Internet in Kuala Kangsar to blog about Malacca trip. Otherwise it will be next week then :-D

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