Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Penang : Day 2

There will be 3 days (March 21-23 2007) face to face meeting @ Penang, starting today. This is the reason i'm here in Penang. The day 1 F2F is an eye opener for me as i'm meeting all the factory manager various geographic area. It is a good experience on learning how higher management define the critical success indicator / deliverable for the year... :-> I'm sad to say that i could not chip in too much idea as i'm new to their process. I would try my best to help them on archieving their goal ... this is the commitment from me... hehehe...

It was a tiring day as i'm sitting in the meeting to absorb new information. But it was fun to understand and observe how senior management made the decision. This is a great experience and TZ you are on your way ... :->

Anyway, we ended the day with a great dinner @ E&O Penang. We had a buffet dinner @ Sarkies Corner. Yummy Yummy.. the buffet theme is Japanese and Chinese. I had lots of Sashimi until i'm so full ... No gym for me today as i could not get to the gym with full stomach :-p

BTW, I just received partial of the malacca photo from Ye Fei (my collague), waiting for Tracy's and Musa's copy. Will blog about Malacca later :-) Stay tune eh!...

Sarkies Corner @ E&O Penang
A colonial coffee shop that offers a wide selection of delicious local and international fare, where the choice is yours - à la carte or - if you simply can’t decide - help yourself to a little of everything in the spectacular buffet spread.

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