Friday, March 16, 2007

Water dripping Shower ...

I was working out in the Curve - Fitness First last night attending the RPM Challenge. After the class and got myself cool down, i decided to hit the shower. Guess what? The water from the shower is dripping instead of the real water volume from the shower (I bet you know what i meant, rite?). It does not feel good with taking a shower like the water dripping from the pipe ... :-(

Fitness First @ The Curve is having this problem quite sometime back... I bet there are lots of ppl has already launched a complaint. Come on branch manager, can't you do something on the shower? It is uncomfortable with showering under a water dripping shower environment... :-P

You know what? I like Fitness First Summit Shower as the volume of the water is like rushing out from the shower head. After you taken the shower, you feel fresh again :-) Way to go Fitness First Summit :-)

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