Sunday, September 30, 2007

Piece of Art...

I went to my friend's house and found this on top of his dining table with the sunlight shinning on the table top, decided to take couple of pictures... :-P

Pavilion vs The Garden - Mid Valley

Two nice and high end mall have officially opened on September 20th and 26th 2007. These two mall are Pavilion (built on the Bukit Bintang Girl School) downtown KL and the Garden which is an expansion of Mid Valley City. The two malls have attracted new tenants and new retail stores such as Club Monaco, Robinson, the coast London etc... I still remembered i have a shirt that i bought in Club Monaco way back in Canada. Finally, i see Club Monaco in KL... :->

BTW, I visited The Garden this afternoon and had my lunch @ Starbucks The Garden Mid Valley. Initially i would like to get connect and update my blog about The Garden but unfortunately the Starbucks @ The Garden has no broadband connection yet. Anyway, it was a nice experience dining @ Starbucks The garden.

After lunch, i walked around the mall and finally i decided to stopped by Isetan The Garden. This Isetan is different from KLCC and Lot 10. This Isetan has a very tasteful designed and it looks more classy than KLCC and Lot 10. The staffs over this Isetan are very well trained and I got a good treatment as a customer :-> Guess what? I bought one handy beg from Timberland @ Isetan the garden.

Nice eh!?

Bolehland mega project in KL - Duta Ulu Klang Expressway (DUKE)

Bolehland decision maker has planned on this highway two years ago... finally, the highway has come and it will be going to build near my condo... :-( I had a great concern on how safe is the highway building so close to the residential area. I strongly belief this will only happen to bolehland... if you have a chance to visit Canada, US and China... this scenery will not be seen as they make sure that all the highway will have a certain distance from the residential area. Bolehland decision maker, can we make this as a tourism place of interest?

How safe do you think if you are staying so near to the Tenaga National Berhad (TNB) [electricity] pyron?

Today, there was a case that one of the arm from the pyron fell into a house underneath it another hanging there tangling. This house has been here for nearly a decade but recently because bolehland government has approved a concessionaire to build a highway in an extremely constraint piece of land. So all the right a way has been used for the highway and the electricity pyron, what it left was nothing to the property besides this land. I'm not sure but i think the bolehland will be the first country which approve the pyron/electricity pole run parallel above the highway. What do you think? Is this safe for the road users? especially all the oil tanker... how much risk will this highway bring to the road users and the surrounding community? ... Bolehland decision maker will ignore all this safety related until something happened that involves life (20-30 people died because of some safety issue). Then they starts panic and come out all kind of fantastic explanation to answer questions ;-) This is because of mother nature ... hey mother nature, you had been blamed for taking people life you know ... what a joke right? Anyway, i would not wanna to comment too much here. Just see for yourself on some of the picture that i taken. I circled in red is the arm of the pyron.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Lazy Saturday ...

Woke up about 9 something, blogging... blogging and blogging until my mom received my sis call. Mom would like to visit sis new place @ Ampang... So i drove mom to my sis place. This was my first time to my sis new house. It was a nice security gated community... My brother in law and sis were busying to handle the contractor that visited their house to finishing the renovation.

After visited sis's place, i bought my mom to have Kolok Mee @ bandar baru Ampang... the kolok mee that Darrenzeger bought me few months ago. Later, we headed to Isetan and bought my mom over to Pavilion.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Clockwise spinning, Anti-clockwise spinning or Both... what is your answer?

I promised to share on the result of the analysis after yesterday...
Before you look at the answer, just give it a try

BTW, the answer is in the comment session :-)

Two Universities in a row...

Last Tuesday, I paid a visit to MultiMedia University (MMU) near Cyberjaya attending the Technology talk. This tech talk is regarding the Multi-core Parallelism, the next generation of how the software coding could be optimized and run faster than current. To all the IT technical project manager + developers / architect, take note for your coming software product. Will blog about this later.

Today, I went to Lim Kok Weng university (LkWU) for lunch with my colleague. This was my first time visit to this University although i passes by every morning on my way to work. The University from far looks very creative... but wait till you see how fashionable the student... you definitely will not be too surprise. The student over in LKWU are so creative and fashionable. Of course this is an art based university if you would like to argue with me... anyway, it is worth to pay a visit.

I had one wing's beef burger with egg and 1 wings durian smoothies. It tasted good... :-) We sat there for nearly an hour after our meal. Of course chit chat and checking out fashionable girls and guys... :-p Back to office @ about 2pm...

Phuket Weather forecast update

I checked on the Phuket weather update... from the forecast it is still not very optimistic... but i will continue to pray hard ... :->

Thunderstorm. High: 86° F. / 30° C. Wind WSW 17 mph. / 28 km/h. Chance of precipitation 90%.
Thunderstorm. Low: 77° F. / 25° C. Wind WSW 17 mph. / 28 km/h. Chance of precipitation 100%.

Hopefully the weather will turn as nice as outside right now in Malaysia (Sunny and clear blue sky) :-p

Thursday, September 27, 2007

New photo badge from Flickr added :-)

I have created the photo badge from Flickr for easy access to my photo album...

<-- Flickr badge published at the side bar

Enjoy surfing and do provide some comment eh!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Phuket Weather ... Cloudy with T-Storm :-(

I checked out couples of Phuket weather outlook for the next 15 days... The report is not very optimistic ... My buddy and I might be ended up in the hotel sleeping due to bad weather... anyway, all the arrangement has completed... The only things i could do is to pray for good weather next week... :-)


Ready for a spin...?

I received this test from one of my friend. Just wondered from the first glance what do you see? The lady spinning clockwise or anticlockwise? Do leave a comment and i will provide you answer later.

Mid Autumn Festival

Last night was the mid autumn festival... with the gloomy and hazy night in downtown KL... I hardly could see the moon... :-(

Anyway, we did not celebrate much on mid autumn festival... just have couple of different type of mooncake.

Mini Mooncake by Equatorial, got it as a gift...

Mom bought it just because i was craving for this teoh chew mooncake :-p

What is Mid Autumn Festival?

Monday, September 24, 2007

The Garden is coming ...

Another big mall will be opening soon... i'm looking forward for The Garden Mid Valley Mega mall to be opened. The Garden is the 2nd phase of Mid Valley mega mall. The size will be as big as mid valley now... So far i know there will be another Isetan in The Garden and will be open on Sept 26th 2007.

2 more PT sessions ....

Two more sessions to the end of my Personal Training (PT)... Wow! six months passes so fast. I'm in the mid of considering whether I should continue or not... anyway, i still have time to consider even past the finish... will post some before and after picture later :-)

I would like to thanks for my PT to help me to build the stamina and tone my abs... i have couple of people whom are so admired with the body shape i have. It will be harder for me to maintain then build... agree?

Gotta go and pack up for to leave office for gym.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

All set --- Countdown date started *wink*

I just completed all the booking for my Phuket / Phi Phi island trip. I'm all set to leave KL for Phuket, so do my buddy... but before i could enjoy my nice sandy beach holiday... i need to go through my expected busy 7 working days... :-)

< -- I just started my countdown clock (refer to the side bar ) ;-p

What product has the name TZ?

I went to KLCC last Friday for my pilate. When i walked up from the carpark, I realized that there is a billboard with my nickname TZ. Hurray, I'm a celebrity lah! even my nickname appears in the billboard @ KLCC :-p Jealous?

Instead of seeing my picture, i saw this @ the billboard...

Let me introduce you a new product from Sony... The Sony Vaio TZ, a slim notebook launched few months ago. This is a new product that Sony introduce to the market. Here you go one of the review that i got from the internet

The first reviews of Sony's new top-of-the-line ultraportable, the Vaio TZ, are are starting to trickle in, and they're surprisingly mixed. While there's no doubting the overall hotness of the industrial design, the older, non-Santa Rosa chipset, 1.1GHz Core 2 Duo ultra low voltage processor, and integrated GMA 950 graphics don't seem to provide all that much bang for your $2,200 bucks, and the system seems to be preloaded with tons of crapware -- Laptop Magazine straight up says the TZ ran "as if it were broken" until they cleaned it up. Still, most reviewers found the design, battery life, available 32GB SSD, and WWAN options to be intriguing enough to rate high scores -- either that, or this thing is even sexier in person.

Pay a visit and see the real product eh!... but more important continue visiting my blog eh! hehehe... :-p

Observation to share ...

My friend Poohbearee has compose an entry regarding Funny (an amused observation in her work place). I copy this set of comment/observation from her and add on my comment / observation. Here you go my observation base on PoohBearee's statement... enjoy eh!

Poohbearee: We check our mailbox constantly for emails when out of the office.
TZ: try not to unless needed. I bet a lot of people don't check email when they are in the office ;-p

Poohbearee: We MSN one another to discuss about work when out of the office.
TZ: try not on the MSN :-p (hint: use status = away or offline when you see your boss signing in), i sometime do it... don't ask me why

Poohbearee: We SMS one another about work when out of the office.
TZ: I hardly received or sent SMS to my collague. Once a while, I did receive my boss's SMS.

Poohbearee: We blog about work.
TZ: Always do it when necessary to throw everything out from my mind (like clearing the rubbish / stress out of the trush bin...

Poohbearee: We think that working overtime is fun. (I nearly fainted when I hear this one!)
TZ: enjoy unless overtime is paid... too bad no overtime paid for me ... :-(

Poohbearee: We have one common idol.
TZ: Who? I don't notice that. But i notice my boss have 1 idol lah! which is not me *wink*

Poohbearee: We run and not walk in the office.
TZ: Run is a violation in my office so we have to walk

Poohbearee: We suggest that we hold hands and pray when we are desperate.
TZ: did not seems like happening in my office, i bet it worked for your office

Poohbearee: We speak in an insane manner and laugh loudly whenever we are stressed.
TZ: i think when we are stressed, every form of weird and unexpected positive circumstances will appear :-p

Poohbearee: I hope there is nothing wrong with us.
TZ: I don't think it is something wrong with us... we are human... we do thing differently... we analyse thing differently too and interpret thing differently as well... etc...

Just like what i written my comment corresponding to Poohbearee observation :-p

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Examination is over... hurray!

Finally, my examination is over... after a two days studied hard... i managed to have at least 80% confident to pass the exam. This is not necessary the case as it will also depends on all the participant whom takes the exam... they will have a bell curve to decide. Anyway, the result will be out in few week time... Let's see! BTW, Thanks to all my friends for wishing me luck for my exam... especially thanks to Sbanboy for texting me yesterday to encourage me and wishes me luck :-p Thanks Sbanboy...

Guess what i did after my exam... Shopping! I went shopping with Darrenzeger. We went to the newly opened Pavilion - a nice and modern mall in KL. This is the latest mall in KL... The mall is awesome. When we reached there, the Espirit was having a fashion show in the concourse area. We stopped there and look @ the fashion show. Lot's of photography fanatics were taking picture of the model as the models were doing the cat walk.

Walked around for about 1-2 hrs... finally we decided to hang around Planet hollywood for snack and beers / cocktails. We headed Isetan after our quick stop @ Planet Hollywood... Started our shopping spree. I bought lots of Nike stuff and one G2000 BLU polo shirt. Darrenzeger bought couple of clothing etc... We left Lot 10 @ about 7 something.

I sent Darrenzeger back after dinner...

A tired day with lots of new clothing for next week. :-)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

110% - two days before exam...

I'm taking two days off to do my final study on the Certification on Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) before my Saturday exam... I have committed to place 110% effort to catch up with all the gaps which has been identified on my last trial exam. :-p

It has been years without taking so serious on my study... my life basically is just work! work! and work!... This is a good opportunity to upgrade myself to the next level with the certification. I was studying since 8 something this morning, my stomach is calling for food now. So decided to take a break and blog a little bit...

Anyway, back to the exam, i felt different from my University time as i didn't feel any stress on exam back in those day. But this time i feel it... I think maybe i'm not well prepare and still struggling to make use of the last two days to catch up with the study which i don't actually do it during my school day...

Anyway, I gotta to order my lunch online and hit the book again while waiting for my lunch to be delivered. Enjoy the rest of your day eh!...

ps: guess what i have for lunch? (hint: the only online order food chain in Malaysia)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Waiting for leaves to be approved... Phuket here i come

Boss... i deserve a vacation rite? :-> Please approve my leaves.

Anyway, i have planned out my vacation @ Thailand ... it will be a 7D/6N free & easy trip to Phuket / Phi Phi Island.
Day 1 KL- Phuket (arrived Phuket at 1300-local time)
--> Any suggestion what to do the rest of the afternoon.
Day 2 Phuket - Phi Phi (afternoon ferry to Phi Phi)
Day 3 Phi Phi : relax @ the beach / walking around Phi Phi island
Day 4 Phi Phi : Viking Cave and surrounding islands
Day 5 Phi Phi - Phuket (afternoon ferry to Phuket) Hanging out in the bar area @ nite.
Day 6 Phuket - Day trip / go for massage
Day 7 Phuket - KL (1600 - Local time, arrived KL @ 1815)

I have not worked out the detail, this is just a high level. My friend and i will decide what to do when we reach Phuket on day 1. Anyway, I will book the hotel and the ferry before we leave KL. Looking forward for my Phuket trip... hehehe... two weeks later i will be having my vacation @ Phuket Thailand. :-)
Hey boss... need your approval for my leave lah!...

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Phuket & Phi Phi ....

Hurray, I'm going to resume my Thailand vacation planning :-)

Guess what? I will be going to Phuket & Phi Phi Island early October for about 7 days. Date is not confirmed yet as i still need to obtain my boss approval for my 5 days leave. My friend is okay to go with me on the period after we had discussed last night via phone...

One step nearer to Phuket. BTW, I just checked and the Air Asia ticket is only RM29.99 x2 (Return) not included tax. This is much more cheaper than during Hari Raya. I'm so excited to leave KL for a 7 days vacation @ Phuket / Phi Phi Island.

Will continue later... need to get back to work :-p

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Malaysia International Fireworks Competition (MIFC) - Italy

I just uploaded a couple of video to my YouTube a/c. Thanks to Corine and Matt for helping to take this video shots :->

MIFC-Italy #1

Wah! Wah! and Wah!... Spoil all the background music. You could imagine how amazing is the fireworks eh! :-p

MIFC-Italy #2

MIFC-Italy #3

MIFC-Italy #4

MIFC-Italy #5

1 Week to APICS CPIM exam

I had the trial exam this morning ... how's the result? errr.... not very good. I expected this result as i only place 30% of the effort to study for the past two weeks. Not even 50%, so what do you think TZ? how could you score then... I had made up my mind that I have to start my study 2 hrs a day from tonight onwards. Besides, I have talked to my boss that i would take 2 days off from work to focus on my study... Wish me luck eh while i committed to put 110% effort ;-p

I was glad that i had identified the gaps via taking the trial exam. So now i know which is my focus for the remaining 7 days. The lecturer was quite worry about me passing the exam with my current status... I have ensured Dr Ng (the lecturer) that i will put lots of effort to get thru this exam on Sept 22nd 2007... so don't worry Dr Ng :-)

Before i start my study tonite... Let me go and get a nice nap lah! ;->

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Oxidative Stress

Hey what is this? Is it a type of stress?

I have no idea until my friend Sbanboy asking me whether i would like to attend a 2 hours talk in Sime Darby Convention Centre this afternoon. There was a talk from well known Nutrition Doctor Dr Ray Strand. He wrote couple of books...

So what is Oxidative Stress? According to Wikipedia...

Oxidative stress is caused by an imbalance between the production of reactive oxygen and a biological system's ability to readily detoxify the reactive intermediates or easily repair the resulting damage. All forms of life maintain a reducing environment within their cells. This reducing environment is preserved by enzymes that maintain the reduced state through a constant input of metabolic energy. Disturbances in this normal redox state can cause toxic effects through the production of peroxides and free radicals that damage all components of the cell, including proteins, lipids, and DNA.

I'm so interested to find out more about Oxidative Stress and found some interesting sites which provide me more about Oxidative stress and its prevention method Antioxidants fruits and vegetables. Here you go some useful URL

Anyway, it was a eye opener for me and learnt more about medical term... Would like to thanks Sbanboy and his friend for helping to get the ticket for this talk.

Saturday Nite out - Putrajaya Part II (backlog)

The fireworks started on time @ 10pm... it lasted for 20 mins. It was a superb location (thanks Matt for recommending). Guess what? (just between you and me ah!) We got free of charge yet the others have to pay for RM$44+ for this view. The only different is we were @ the extremely economic class i.e. the PICC parking bay but we did not even bother just only for 1.5hrs waiting + 20mins show.

me, Matt and Corine

After the 20mins show, we took a couples of shots with my tripod and remote control (of course with all of us into the picture). It turned out not that great but no complaint lah... hehehe...

The real compliant comes after... hehehe...

red color is actually cars back light... stucked in traffic to head out Putrajaya

After the shots, we were prepared to go back to the ERL station. Guess what? The traffic system out from PICC was sucks... hund I would said the organizer sucks too. We were asked to step down from one bus to catch another bus but the other bus was refused to allow us to go up. At the end we were asked to step up to the same bus and round the PICC again. Matt and I were so pissed off and we shouted at the organizer and the traffic controller. At the end, since Matt is an Ang Moh... they really paid respect to him and we got a bus headed back to ERL station. Matt was lucky to catch the last train back. Corine and I were struggling on the traffic out from Putrajaya.

Like a huge parking (on the way to the Toll exit to NKVE)

This is how the traffic look from Cyberjaya to the toll exit on NKVE. Corine has jammed in the traffic about 2hrs ... same as me roughly about 2.5hrs... moreover, i missed my the other nite out with my friends @ laundry bar :-(

link to part I :
Fireworks photo:

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Office was shaky this morning...

Oops! My chair was so shaky all of the sudden. Chinese belief that it was a bad sign for a shaky chair in the office. I think i about reaching the junction to make a change... :-p I felt shaky when i was having a discussion with my collague early this morning. After listening to the radio during lunch, i realized that there was a aftershock hit with 7.7 ritchel measured @ 7:55am (Malaysia Time) in Indonesia, exactly the time when i was having a meeting.

I still can't imagine how's the real earthquake felt... KL is so far from the epicenter and we have felt the shake... what if we were near to the epicenter... How many buildings will collapse and how many people will trap in the debris? Never wanna to imagine this... Anyway, i would pray for the people of Indonesia, hopefully they would be able to get help soon and all of them would be okay.

I'm glad Malaysia is not within the earthquake zone. Otherwise, we will be going to suffer and live in high risk zone.

8.4 on 09.12.2007

Another earthquake striked last night... Did you feel shaky last night? I was in the gym while the first earthquake strike. I did not feel anything, i think i was too concentrate on my workout.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

To change or Not to change ...

Everyone will come into a point which you are standing in the center of the junction. The road that i walking rite now... i feel that i'm going to hit the junction which i might need to make a call.
My career life is enjoyable but not up to my expectation... I think all of you must be thinking i'm too demanding of myself... I got a chance to travel and moreover a good job with enjoyable benefits. But the job i have in long run... still not able to realize the long term benefit...

Anyway, I have been bother by something that i could not share over here now but will be able to share with all of you later. There will be a junction ahead of me and i'm preparing to make the call on which road should i proceed.

Hey, on the lighter side, my dad and friends are organizing a vacation to JiuZhaiGou, China. One challenge for me is i don't know whether i could manage to leave my work for the vacation... :-(
Let's see what i could do...

Image by

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

40th anniversary celebration ... Reunion weekend

The university that i studied is going to celebrate 40th anniversary this weekend @ the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. This reunion weekend is for all the alumni to go back and celebrate the event. Lot's of activities and programs have been prepared for thru out the celebration. Too bad, Canada is too far away from Malaysia and moreover i am so busy for the past and coming weeks otherwise i could have bought the ticket to attend the celebration this weekend. Anyway... good to hear from the University... Way to go U of W... :-)

What i missed most after graduated? I missed watching the basketball team Wesmen and the rock climbing in front of the university :->

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Long Hour Friday...

I was working 12 hours shift last Friday, just to coupling with the Shift Manager to understand his job nature and observed on how he solved the problem / challenges together on studying what type of report he is using for the decision.

I went in to the office @ 6:30am and got the pass to go into the production floor. Met the Shift manager @ 7am and the works started. I was walking together with the Shift Manager in the factory production line and lots of meeting. Learnt a lot on the manufacturing floor. A tired day but filled with new knowledge :->

I need to compile all the notes and share the result with my boss later next week.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Busy Tuesday @ Penang

I was extremely busy yesterday... no time to update my blog :-( ... All the backlog keeps piling up... everyone must have been thinking where is Putrajaya nite out Part II... coming soon eh! don't go away. Stay tune!

My Tuesday was a busy day as i have meeting back to back, in addition i need to rush from one building to another. The company that i worked for decided to cut down the shuttles frequency that link among buildings. This has placed an additional challenge to be in the meeting on time... I was so glad but tired when the clock hit 6pm, decided to hit the gym to rejuvenate.

I went to Fitness First Island Plaza. There were less people in the gym compared to couple months ago. I think most of them are still in vacation... I'm so envy them, vacation! me working lah :-) Anyway, I dropped by Alan's RPM class and nearly wanted to come out from the room after half way. I was so tired and my energy level was low too. In the end, i managed to complete all the tracks... Way to go TZ for staying back until the class ended.

Managed to say hi to Andrew, the PT manager @ FF-IP. He was practising his new Bodystep release. He invited me to go to the BodyCombat class together with him after my RPM. Due to my low energy, i decided to cool myself down and called it a day. Since it was still early, I decided to give the sauna and stream room a try. I never been to the Sauna and Stream room @ Fitness First. The Sauna is roughly like the Evergreen hotel but this is much more better... wow! the stream room was so hot and full of stream too. It was the hottest stream room i ever been... :-) Guess what? everyone came out when it reached an extremely hot and no one could stand.

I hang around the stream room for about half and hour, i took a shower and left the gym for my dinner. Dropped by Starbucks, took my dinner and headed back to the hotel. :-p

Monday, September 3, 2007

Penang trip

My collague and I left Cyberjaya @ about 4pm and we managed to reached Penang @ about 7 something... Took us 3.5hrs journey. We stopped over @ the Autocity @ Juru for dinner @ Seoul Garden Buffet... Yummy! There were different kind of meat (Beef, Chicken, Mutton, Fish, Prawn, Clam etc... lots of variety to choice from... I was too busy to enjoy the Korean BBQ and didn't take any picture of the food... Do imagine that you are BBQ on the iron plate @ Korean Restaurant...

Autocity @ Juru seems to be the most happening place in mainland Penang... I took a couple of picture before leaving the place. Next time i would like to check out the Tao restaurant. The design of the restaurant is contemporary.

Left Autocity @ Juru straight after some shots. Cross the Penang bridge with less traffic and headed to Northam hotel via Burma road. Guess what? I just finished my nice Jacuzzi bath but i couldn't switch off the Jacuzzi... :-( The hotel front desk just sent a maintenance guy up and helped to switch off the Jacuzzi off from the main switch, otherwise i would be suffering from the jacuzzi noise... :-p

Sunday, September 2, 2007

No computer/internet for TZ

Hurray! I did not boot up my laptop/computer for 24 hours... Amazing eh! :-p

Sorry my friends, i did not update my blog for the whole weekend... Felt a little lazy to update the blog. Will start to catch up with my backlog during my business trip next week.

Guess what? I'm going to Penang for business trip again tomorrow evening. I'll be driving on this trip, so i have the car to go around Penang... :-> Penang here i come again.

Gotta pack my beg now. Update later eh!