Friday, November 30, 2007

My cute little buddy YingYing

My colleague just came back from Chengdu, China yesterday. She got all of us some small little gift and lots of snacks from China. Yummy! I have choosen YingYing as my cute little buddy among 5 Olympic 2008 mascots. This is how YingYing looks like

I selected YingYing after reading the description from the official olympic website noted that YingYing is very close to what i inspired of...

Like all antelopes, Yingying is fast and agile and can swiftly cover great stretches of land as he races across the earth. A symbol of the vastness of China's landscape, the antelope carries the blessing of health, the strength of body that comes from harmony with nature. If you wanna to know more about Olympic 2008. Here's the link:

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pain in the butt

I went to fitness first @ the curve for my workout yesterday evening. Attended the Bodypump class by Riyo. She is a superwomen... all the tracks that she selected were tough especially the Shoulder track which i hardly could finished with my 5kg each side. What a tough push... :-p hehehe... there was accomplish for me to finish the whole chest track with 6kg each side and on the same pace as the instructor... Kudos for myself :->

After the class, i decided to hit the RPM class by May Liew. She was also selected the hardest track #5 and #7 which has a long sitting power training... it's so tough especially after the bodypump. What a double hits day for me... Double tough workout :-p

This morning when i woke up, i felt my butt was so sore and pain... First thing come to my mind wondered i could get MC for pain in the butt :-p But at the end, life has to go on, so do my work has to move on too, i pulled myself up and got ready for work.

Latest update on butt, the butt is still painful whenever i sit on the chair, and guess what? I have another session with my PT tonight. Wondered what he is planning for me, hopefully no langes and squart, otherwise i might need a MC tomorrow... :-p

Will let you know later. Ciao!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

TZ's bad day... double hits

This morning i was so unmotivated before i headed to office... it was a groomy day in Kuala Lumpur as there was a raining and wet morning. I posted an entry on how i felt this morning before leaving my condo.

Guess what? When i passed KL Sentral exit, suddenly my wiper started malfunction and the car was not moving very smooth a little bit choking. I drove quite a distance with beared with the condition but still able to control until i hit the seremban highway, the rain started to get heavier and i have no choice to pull over @ the gas station and waited for the rain to slow down before continue my journey. Trying to get the wiper working but unfortunately failed, Anyway, mother nature has given me opportunities to chat with those motocyclists for at least 1/2 hr. They also thought that i was a motorcyclist in the beginning but after i explained that i drove a car... then they were so curious why i have to wait for the rain to slow down too. No joke, i really felt what the motorcyclists felt during rainny day.
Anyway, after the rain slowed down, i decided to give my boss a call and get a day off... drove all the way to my mechanic and my mechanic checked the car and fortunately i still could drive as the wiper has broke down and some wire has short circuit which i was lucky the car did not brokedown totally... Since, i need to wait for my car to be repaired and ready, i decided to drop by my hairdress to get a hair cut.
Had lunch with my dad and settle all the outstanding electricity bill and paid my personal banker a visit for some banking matter.
Now, I'm in Starbucks The Curve waiting for my Bodypump class @ 1820. Gotta go now... ciao.


I'm feeling unmotivated since yesterday... I felt everything seems like moving very slow. This Friday is the deadline for making the final decision whether i'm going to move on with the company or leave the company with the compensate package.

Although i have make up my mind earlier to take the compensate and leave my current company but i don't know why i don't feel comfortable with the decision. I'm struggling to move my leg out of my current company after 7 years of service in this particular company. Anyway, TZ you gotta make the call... :->

I think it is very obvious the environment has hinting me to move on. Reason being is that before my final decision, my fellow co-workers in other sites have already hinted me and wanted to take over my job. So what am i going to do if i choose to relocate to Penang/Kulim? Moreover, I did not see the 1-3 years plan of my career path which i requested earlier from the management... is this the hint that asking me to leave the company?

Anyway, I think it will be better for me to move on to a new company... a new start might be a better for my future too... (at least i don't need to see the same faces for the past 7 years and the same faces for the coming 7 years :-p ).

Life gotta move on... Need to get ready to go to the office right now.

Monday, November 26, 2007

MAC BOOK by Apple

I'm researching and looking to own a MacBook by Apple. I came across a couple of model which i'm interested but the price is actually on the high side. So, I'm still calculating my budget for owning a MacBook.

Here are the shortlisted model that i would like to own, have to choice one of it ( Most probably i will choose the black one i.e. MB063X/A)

2.0GHz MacBook(MB061X/A)
2.2GHz MacBook(MB062X/A)
2.2GHz MacBook(MB063X/A)

Link to the detail configuration:

Then, my friend just sent me an interesting picture about Apple... the mail title stated "FW: Going CRAZY -Transparent screen by APPLE!!!" So what i noticed from the snapshot that attached with his mail. My first reaction is that all the laptop are awesome! With the new technology or design, we no longer need to twist our head to view what has happened to be hidden from our view which happened in front of us... No laptop screen blocking the view in the future if this comes into reality.

What do you think? Cool Eh!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Meeting a friend from Penang

My friend Vail just dropped by from Penang for a weekend. He arrived last night and we decided to meet up for lunch today.

Our initial plan was to meet up @ KLCC after my bodypump class with Jackson Ng @ 12-1pm Fitness First Menara Maxis. Guess what? Because of the Hindraf rally... the road to KLCC was closed. I could not even managed to drive into Jalan Tun Razak, at the end, i was forced to exit into Jalan Pahang and re-route. I called up Vail to change venue as KLCC was not a good choice. (Later, i only realized @ the news when i was back from the Curve... the 8pm news was showing how the people have gathered @ KLCC area, and how the police chased the people out from that area, It's that serious thot!)

Anyway, we managed to change our venue to The Curve. I was suggesting Mid-valley instead as i could picked Vail up in one of the station but Vail insisted to meet up @ the Curve. I really pity Vail as he needs to travel from Pandan Indah to The Curve with public transport. After we have confirmed with The Curve, i re-routed and drove to The Curve and hit the Fitness First The Curve. Workout for about 1.5 hrs and took my shower. At the same time, Vail left his apartment and travel via LRT --> Putra Link --> lastly took a shuttle from Kelana Jaya to The Curve. The whole trip took him about 2.5 hours... what a day for him?

At the end we finally met up @ about 3pm and decided to drop by my favor place: TGIF The Curve. We were served with a nice seat overlooking the crowds lining up in front of Big Apple Donuts for buying donuts (Can someone tell me why people tends to line up for Donuts?). We started with some finger food and hit the main dish after that. Of course lots of chatting too. Oh yes! Vail is a newly met friend during my last trip to Penang.

We had a great late lunch and heading out from the Curve at about 6pm. Dropped Vail @ the Titiwangsa station and headed home. Managed to get Vail's text and understand that he reached home about 7:30pm which is about 1 hour journey. But guess what? the Star LRT was so packed according to Vail.

My nephew's Wedding - Dec 2nd 2007

My nephew's is going to get marry this coming Sunday (Dec 2nd 2007). He is my aunty's daughter's son i.e. my cousin's son... i bet he is excited right now. Initially, i thought i could attend the wedding but later i found out that i have two CPIM exam on the road, one in this coming Sunday (Dec 2nd 2007) and another one on Dec 8th 2007. Too bad your uncle me could not attend your wedding then...

Sorry man, I could not attend your wedding... anyway, congratulation and will catch up with the photo than.

Saturday, November 24, 2007


I heard about Yogalates some time back but never try this exercise until today. I attended the Yogalates for the 1st time and it's interesting... i found that this is much intesting than pure yoga but not as interesting as Pilate. I still prefer Pilate as it sorely focus on the abs.

What is Yogalates?
Solomon YogalatesTM is an internationally acclaimed exercise system fusing the best of ancient yogic spiritual practice with the core stabilizing, functional, and regenerative dynamics of Pilates.

Solomon YogalatesTM is a complete and comprehensive fusion of Yoga and Pilates. It is an ever evolving method at the cutting edge of the latest medical and scientific research into how the human body functions during movement, combining theoretical knowledge and practice. Key to the YogalatesTM method is the wholistic integration of the very best of two historically and widely acclaimed exercise systems. It is a movement system that stretches and strengthens all the major muscle groups developing a streamlined slenderness rather than bulk. At the same time it has excellent therapeutic value for calming the mind and spirit.

Anyway, i have a go workout thot... :-> MC is a good instructor, he is so patient and he went around to correct each of his participant pose. Well done MC...

Friday, November 23, 2007

Friday afternoon...

Although today is Friday... this is what i feel

The whole office is so quiet and nothing excite me. Looking forward for my late evening Personal Training Session.

Is this your dream car?

Picture captured from Lexus official website @ Malaysia
Car model : LEXUS SL460L
Price: Guess!

Last Wednesday, i got the invitation from my Citibank Personal Banker which provide an opportunity for me to visit the Lexus Center @ Mutiara Damansara, Malaysia (nr The Curve). There were a talk about Climate Change fund and some introduction on the 4 Lexus Model which available in Malaysia. It was a simple 2 hrs event and i learnt from the talk about Lexus and the fund.

Are you impress with this car? Is this your dream car? I was impressed when i viewed the real unit @ the center. I'm dreaming now... I bet the next question you will ask me... How much is this car? What do you think? Guess!

Here is some price that help you...
a. RM204,000
b. RM305,000
c. RM460,000
d. RM767,000

Which is your answer?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Crazy nite @ Souled Out

Team Night Out Event
date : Nov 16th 2007
Time : 1930-0100
Location : Souled Out @ Desa Hartamas

It was a sad day for all of us whom work in the same company with me. Couple of my colleagues have planned to throw a small party to say goodbye to those who were leaving on that day ended to become a 30+ peoples event... This was a surprise turned out. Anyway, here's some pictures taken on that nite and a video clip that everyone was dancing and enjoying themselves with the music. Of course including me... ;-p

A long table from one end to another (longer than last gathering)
This is the crazy bunch!
Let's toast (evil thinking - someone should get wet)

It's my life! You have no rights :->

We ended up spent about RM2000+ for the whole party. Here were what i had for drink...
2 Long Island Ice Tea
1 Mijito
1 Primm #10

Total drinks : 4 cocktail

Sunday, November 18, 2007

CPIM exam is approaching...

Oh! i need to kick start my study again for my Certification on Production and Inventory Managment (CPIM). The exam is on Dec 8th 2007. This time i would have two thick books to study before the exam... estimated time 2-3 weeks. Might take a 2-3 days off for study before the exam.

BTW, one good news from me ... guess what? I have passed my 1st module... and i have four to go... if i passed the coming one... it will leave another 3 to go for next year. Hurray!

Will start my study tomorrow... Hey got a lunch date afterwards @ The Garden. My friend just came back from Singapore for a weekend vacation. Just talked to her last night to arrange for a lunch today... Gotta leave now. :-p

Enjoy your weekend eh!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Is safety a concern?

Since the construction of Duta Ulu Klang Expressway (DUKE) started two months ago. There were lots of complaints and inconveniences caused by the construction of this highway in my neighborhood and the rest of the neighborhoods. Safety is always a concern from the resident near the construction area... but for the past two months, safety did not seem likes one of the focus area by the highway authority and the construction management / company.

I'm upset with all the safety caution / steps that the management have taken within the construction sites and its environment. The construction company did not take into the consideration on the safety of the resident as the heavy vehicle such as cement trucks were carrying out the load in and out from the entrance near the residential area. This entrance is the entrance that would post a life threatening to the young children whom stay in the surrounding area. Why? The cement trucks were driving throught the narrow resident road and this road is quite busy with cars, cyclists and people walking in the sideway near the houses. In additional those people whom stay in the house within the area would also risk their life as well when they reverse their car out from the yard.

Here you go the short clip that i took from my balcony...

My neighborhood was so disappointed as we had raised this up when we had the meeting with the highway authority and the construction company not to use the entrance near the residential area. I wish the highway authority and the construction company could act on this before something has happened or any of the resident life has been taken away by the heavy vehicle.

Be proactive and be safe.

Friday, November 16, 2007

The Change has just begun...

The company that i worked for has decided to shutdown its operation @ Cyberjaya. All the staff over in this site have given the choice to leave the company or relocate back to core site i.e. Penang/Kulim. This announcement has been out three weeks ago and finally the change has begun. I was so sad to see 10 of my colleagues left the office a moment ago but I'm happy to know that they are going to pursue what they have wanted to do in their life. All of us in the office have roughly know what we are going to do after our last day with this lovely company.
I would like to wish all my fellow colleagues all the best on your coming career and may the path cross again... :-)

For me, I would have to stay till March 31st 2008. I just got the package today and will proceed with my plan for next year... Will i relocate to Penang or leave the company and pursue for another career? What is my plan? There were so many questions up in my head, i think i just need some time to digest and think for myself... Will let all of you know later ... Stay tune eh!

Anyway, the time has come and change has just begun. What will be my future. Yet to plan it out! I still have 4 months.... :->

Thursday, November 15, 2007

At World's End

Last night was the annual dinner night. This year annual dinner theme was Pirate. Most of my colleagues have spent RM$60 and above to rent the pirate costume. For me, my costume was simple and presentable.

Pre dinner Kayaking

Me flexing my muscle

Hot dude with two sexy ladies

Table deco

My buddy Matt and I

Lady with two macho dude

Two hot dude with a gypsy girl

Diversity count - portugis; gypsy; kampong boy; 2 pirate crews

Members of the cyberjaya site + ex members

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

An hour countdown to the Pirate event!

Jam! Jam! everywhere!

There were a serious traffic jam in downtown KL this morning. Cars were not moving, like a huge car park @ Jalan Kuching towards the city center. I was stuck at the junction of coming out from my Condo. Then i decided to re-route to Jalan Duta to try the faster way to go and hit to the office @ Cyberjaya. Unfortunately, when i hit Jalan Duta, the jam has started straight after the interchange to the NKVE until the tunnel. This is a massive jam that i never encountered before. But luckily I still have my favorite station: RedFM accompanied me throughout the whole journey to the office.

The RedBreakfast morning show hosted by Will. He is very humous and the morning show is very informative. Tune in to RedFM every Monday-Friday 0630-1000 to listen for yourself. For those people not in Malaysia... you could tune in via internet :-p

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Annual Dinner event venue...

Another 24 hours to the site Annual Dinner @ Kelab Tasik Putrajaya. As i mentioned earlier the dinner theme for this year is Pirate. I have decided to wear a simple and presentable Pirate wear. Will take a picture and show all of you later eh!

Matt, Corine, Jia Yu and I went to check out the venue during lunch time. Matt has worked out with the event organizer over there to ensure that all the items have already in placed. We will have at least 109 people attending the event. The place is very nice and it's a nice place for kayaking. As part of the annual event, we will have the opportunity to kayak before the dinner... :->

Here are the high level itinerary (still waiting for the detail)
4.00pm-6.00pm Kayaking on the Putrajaya lake.
6.00pm-7.00pm Retreat to shore (prepare for dinner)
7.00pm-10.30pm Gathering of the crew (dinner)

I'm looking forward for the event and understand my colleagues have gotten themselves ready for the custome...

Pirates! Get ready to fight!...

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Personality Test @ Facebook

I just took this personality test @ the facebook by invitation. How close to my personality... i could not actually tell... Anyway, here's the result via some test on choosing photo to represent my wish and how i felt...


When you wake up in the morning, you set out to impress and to make a lasting impression on those who you encounter. You surround yourself with all the right people and right things - making you a real trendsetter. Others admire and want to be just like you. Second best will not do - it's the best (and only the best) for you. You are attentive to detail in yourself, your surroundings and your social circle.

Sophisticated, glamorous and experienced. You love everything that is new, fashionable and in vogue. Others admire you, but can't always relate to you since you are a real diamond in the ruff. You like to be two steps ahead of everyone else when it comes to the latest and greatest trends. It could take your counterparts years to adopt your current trends. You just seem to know what's "hot" before everyone else does.

Party Animal
If you were looking for one word that defines your personality it would be FUN, FUN, FUN! For you the glass is always half full - your think about life positively and don't dwell on all of the negative possibilities out there. Since you can't do much to change things, you just enjoy the good moments. You have an infectious laugh and a contagious sense of humor that makes for happy times when you are around.

You are a cuddle bug - from a warm hug shared with your best friend to steamy sex with your partner, you enjoy every bit of human contact that you can get. You demonstrate your love for others most fluidly through physical one-on-one contact and you feel the most loved when you are being touched. You feel disconnected when you are physically isolated from others. You're a people person and a lover of all things human.

Wakie! Wakie! - Is promise tends to be broken?

I was woke up by the machine in the Bolehland Mega project - Duke early Sunday morning. I was so pissed off as they have promised us in the meeting which Sunday should not be working on any machine which produces noise. We were happily agreed with their statement. But what it turned out is that they have broke their promise for the past 2 weeks. The machine has woke me up last Sunday and today. As a result, i gave the person in charge a call and requested an immediate stop, i'm planning to take this up when we have another meeting with higher management and the government.

Now, sitting in my balcony i could at least enjoy a more quiet morning. Will head the gym shortly since the Mega Project has gave me a morning call :-p

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Country side drive

I took this clip while driving from Penang to Kulim. It was a pleasant drive as the scenery was amazingly beautiful.

I went for movie with my two friends (Corine and Matt) @ Mid Valley Mega Mall. We met about 12pm and line up for about 1/2 hours for the seat. Initially we wanted to watch Stardust but unfortunately they only left the front two rows. So we decided to switch to the other movie Lions for Lambs. The movie was quite nice but the story line was too slow. I felt asleep and so did Corine... :-p Overall, I would rate the movie 3 out of 5.

Site Annual Dinner - Coming soon

Pirate, the theme for my site annual dinner this year. I still sourcing for what to wear @ the dinner... this is couple of idea got from the internet...

Any suggestion?

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Division Annual Dinner

I got the chance to attend the Division Annual Dinner as i was in Penang for Business trip. I was invited to the dinner by my customers and colleague. It was a nice dinner and this year they held it @ G-Hotel.

Walking in with my coat

Same department

We have the same family name...

Three funny guys with the pretty ladies

We are from the same table

Who are you focusing on?

Any new requirement for the software ? (My customers that i support)

Candid Shot - not aware of this ...

17.9% --> 20.9%

Finally I'm back to KL and i went to the gym this evening for my PT session. Before the session, i requested my PT to perform a weigth check. Here's the result before and after my Penang trip...

Before : 17.9%
After : 20.9%
Delta: 3%

Within two weeks no exercise, my fat percentage has increased by 3%... :-( Anyway, for the next 2 weeks i need to do more exercise to get back my 15.8% fat index before... gotta work hard!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Leaving for Penang / Kulim again ...

I'm waiting for my colleague to pick me up @ KL Sentral. Going back to Penang / Kulim for another three days. Lot's of people asking me why am i coming back for the weekend. The reason i was back to KL yesterday... i have promised my cousin that i would attend her wedding reception last night. So i did... traveling 4 hours back to KL and today another 4 hours back to Penang. What a tiring weekend but it is worth. I had an enjoyable night on my cousin wedding :-)

Gotta leave now... blogging from KL Sentral.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

I'm Sick

I'm sick since last Tuesday... It got worst and i nearly lost my voice on Thursday after a whole day of meetings. End of Thursday, i hardly could talked. Went to my aunt's place for dinner and my cousin made a lemon honey juice. After i took the drink, my voice improved. Unfortornately it does not last long. I wend for a drink last night @ Chilis G-Hotel after the annual dinner with my colleague Gary.

This morning when i woke up, i had irritating throat feeling. Just don't know what else could i use to cure the irritated throat. Any suggestion... ?

Anyway, i think the best things that cure sickness is rest... So better hit the bed rite now. Good nite! :-)