Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dad is sick ...

My dad is sick since last week... My mom, sis have been asking him to see the doctor but all of us failed. I tried to drag him to see the doctor since last Saturday when i back to KL. My dad is quite stubborn when he is sick... I'm not sure why but when come to seeing a doctor, he is quite reluctant. I'm not sure and did not find out in detail but i think he might not have too much confident on doctors (Sbanboy, no hard feeling eh! that's my dad's character :-) )

Finally, I managed to convince my dada to see the doctor that he trusted most this morning... i rearranged partial of my morning meeting to tomorrow and the day after... drove him to see the doctor at Cheras... This doctor is a very nice and patience + practical doctor (not money minded - Not to say all the doctors are not good but because of some bad eggs in the group that spoil the confident of the patients). Guess what? everytime i go to this doc's clinic, the queue are so long and people still patiently waiting to see him. Dad managed to see the doc after 45 mins waiting time. Anyway, glad to hear from the doc that my dad is fine and just a throat infected. Doc gave him lots of medicine and he is now taking a rest @ home.

I'm back to the office and clearing my backlog since i took couple of hours off this morning. Will pick my mom up and send her to chinese painting class. Before that, I'm going to cut my hair as i have an appointment with my hair-dresser in downtown kl this evening. Will leave office @ 1630. hehehe... No gym for me tonite :->

Monday, July 30, 2007

Back to Gym

I went back to workout in the gym after 1 week without going to the gym except Sauna to get myself sweat. I went down to the Pilate class and met some new friends... The Wong's family. The uncle and aunty and their daughter were in the class. It was a fun class as Ginny just came back from Canada but latest news that Ginny is going back to Canada for another three weeks... She is pursuing her certification on advance PILATE ... All the best Ginny.

After the Pilate class, i headed to the cardio to get myself warmup for the PT session. My PT has changed his hairstyle again... sorry no latest photo of his new hairstyle. Will obtain one of his latest picture from him to post in the blog... Stay tune eh!. It was not an easy PT session tonite. I was struggling after a whole week of rest. Need to pickup again ... ;-p

Moody Monday Morning

It's Monday morning again... I have tans of things waiting for me to close today. I just felt tired and not feeling very well. :-( No mood and motivation to start the day ... So thinking of post an entry to the blog... and get myself warm up... :->

If you remembered i blogged about going back to school. Yesterday was my first day in school. The class started from 9am till 5pm. I was tired after the F2F in additional need full participation during the class. BTW, other than the lecturer, i'm the only guy in the whole class... see how valuable i'm in the class but unfortunately, all the ladies have married ... :-( Anyway, my objective is to study not finding / flurting :-p So good to have ladies whom are married.

Okay, back to this morning ... it was a tough time for me to pull myself up and detached from my favor pillow... I missed my dear pillows (oops! sound like a kid ... anyway, do you miss your pillow after a while travelling? I do!)... I woke up at about 6:30am and mom has prepared the L&T breakfast. I missed my mom's breakfast after the one week oily, fattening and not healthy breakfast that i had in Penang. Good to have my mom's prepared breakfast... :-)

I could feel everyway in KL is having the Monday blues especially the sky is dark and rainny. I hopped into my car and headed to the office after my breakfast. On my way to the office, the rain was so heavy that i could hardly see the front car. Had a emergency break and fortunately the car behind me was far away and also applied an emergency stopped. No one injured as no accident has occured, I think just a shock to both me and the car driver behind. After the shock, i'm awake right now... :-) Reached office at about 8:30am and missed the boat for 2nd round of breakfast... my colleagues have went out in a group... :-)

Anyway, gotta to hit the work and finish up all those outstanding otherwise i need to stay onand will miss my PILATE class this afternoon... :-)

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Behind the scene

Do you wanted to know what camera that Sbanboy used to take this picture?

Here you go the answer ...

Back to KL -- My city

Everyone, I'm back to Kuala Lumpur - My city... :-)

Left Penang @ about 9am and reached KL @ about 1pm. Dropped my colleague @ KLCC and headed home to attend community meeting.

Sbanboy, Musa and I have arranged dinner on Saturday nite before i left for Penang. It was a nice dinner. We went for Dinner @ Ikea cafe ... one of my favor Swedish Meatball... Yummy!

Musa sharing out his dessert

Again, i don't get my favor swedish beer... they stop selling the beer... Beer with meatball ... yummy... We took lot's of pictures and decided to have a quick walk in IKEA. Sbanboy wanna to get something from IKEA. We left IKEA @ 8 something and headed home. A short dinner but lot's of fun and relaxing after my whole week of tiring F2F ... feel good to back to KL and having dinner with my friends :-)

Last day @ Penang (July 27th 2007)

Hurray! It was Friday and the team celebrated the mission accomplish after the 4 days of F2F in Penang. Some of the members have flyed back to Costa Rica. The rest of us whom stay until Saturday have decided to go for a small gathering and we selected American Chilli's.

Guess what? I was so disappointed as the Chili's in Penang did not have license to serve alcohol drinks other than the bottle beer. I did not managed to have my favor drinks, Presidente margarita :-( i ended up ordering a beer :-p

We ordered some starter to munch on while we deciding what we would like to have for our main course. We ordered two buffalo wings and a nacho plate. I ordered N.Y Strip steak for my main course. Too bad, I forgot to take a picture of my steak before munching it... :-( But i did take a nice and clean plate...

My Drink

Yummy! steak already in my stomach

My colleague from Costa Rica; China; Malaysia and Phillipines

After the dinner, we headed to the night market @ Batu Ferringhi. This was the first time i been there and it was interesting enough to know that there were so many stuff to shop and buy... :-> We headed back to our hotel after about an hour of walking... everyone was so tired after a full four days of F2F ... we decided to hit the hotel and call it a day. It was so sad to say good bye to my colleagues and we headed back to our own hotel room...

Dear colleague, goodbye and have a nice trip home eh!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Seafood dinner on 1st day of F2F @ Penang

"Whenever it swim we have" This motto has driven my colleague from Costa Rica to try out the seafood in Penang... Inviting my colleague over to have dinner @ Bali Hai after our 1st day of F2F. (first day of F2F did not go very well, my colleague in US has setup a little bit of argument with the customers in the factory, being my roles i straightaway schedule a meeting on that night to sync up with my colleague. This is where my work til 3am started).

Anyway, back to the dinner @ Bali Hai. We gathered in the lobby and walked over to Bali Hai. This seafood restaurant is located few blocks away from our hotel. We waited for about 1 hour and finally the food arrived...

Friday, July 27, 2007

Work Til 3am for the past 3 days

I'm tired and finally i had my presentation done. It was an extremely busy day and nite for the past three days. Hurray! it's Friday again and tonite i would be able to enjoy and party til 3am... :->

Gotta go for my last two hours of F2F meeting... update all of you later :-) Stay tune eh!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

View from the hotel room

I will be going for dinner with my colleagues on 730pm... So i got the chance to take a shot from my room windows... I never look out from the windows as i normally close the curtain. Today, when i come into the room, the curtain has already opened and the view from the window drawn my attention.

Compare to this shot that i took on my last trip ...

Guess what is the difference?

Moderate Monday with simple & tasty dinner

Started with the lighter Monday as the f2f only will start on Tuesday. I have a couple of meeting with my Penang customers. This was a moderate day with not as busy as what i expected. Two meeting has been postponed as one of my colleague was sick.

After work, My colleague from Shanghai, another colleague of mine and i went for my favor and regular place for dinner. Guess what is the restaurant which located in 4th floor Gurney plaza. I was having Dumpling Ramen with soup as i was not feeling well yesterday. Anyway, it was a tasty dinner and the restaurant environment was so good that my colleague from Shanghai said that this place was affortable and nicely decorated.

Couple of picture to share with you ...

Inside the restaurant

Outside the Restaurant

Prawn Dumpling Ramen

Entrance of the restaurant

If you happened to be in Penang, dropped by the FoodLoft @ Gurney Plaza. Reasonable pricing with a nice environment.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Meal on Sunday...

The journey from KL to Penang was quite enjoyable... there were one part which rain very heavy and it was a challenge for me to be able to see the road... it was near Taiping. But overall, the weather and the traffic is very good in the highway.

The town of Kampar

One of my colleague was travelling together with me. We decided to stop over to a small town which once be a stopped over place for food and relaxation. But due to not direct exit to this town from the North-South highway. This town has been slowly abandoned by the traveler. To taste different type of food from small town, my colleague and i decided to stop over @ Kampar. Kampar was once a big town for mining workers during the British time way before Ipoh was developed become Perak biggest city. So we had our lunch @ one of the local restaurant which famous for its Curry Chicken in the Bread. Sorry i don't have a picture on Curry Chicken in the bread. We ate one vege, one fish and one chicken... Guess what? the total check costs us only RM$28.20. I was shocked after looking at the check as i expected to be much more higher as the fish was so much... I expected RM40+.

Arrived Penang @ about 3 something. Checked in the hotel and take a relaxing afternoon. My colleague and I met again about 8:30pm and decided wanna to go out nearby restaurant to have dinner. Due to raining heavily outside, we decided to stay in the hotel and take the buffet... I took two plate of Sashimi for as the started and plate of salad with some meat. And a plate of Asia food consist of Rice, meat and some cooked vege. I ended my meal with a dessert, fruit mocktail and a nice scoop of ice cream.

Salad with Beef, Lamb and vege Tempura

Dessert - yummy!

At the end i was too full and until now, i still would not be able to sleep as i was still very full... :-(

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Leaving KL for Penang again

Another 1 hour, i will be leaving for Penang again for a F2F meeting. This time i will meet with lots of people from different country i.e. China; Costa Rica; Phillipines and Malaysia. There will be a full 4 days F2F. It will be a busy week for me... :-)

I have not pack my beg yet. Gotta go right now. Catch up with you later. Don't miss me eh! I will be back in a week time :-p

Heavy vs Simple dinner

I had a heavy dinner on Friday night after my RPM Challenge class. I went to Chili's @ KLCC. Chili's was so packed and full of people... can you imagine the waiting list was about 20-3o line items and still people willingly to wait to get a table. As for me, i was so hungry and i could eat up a waiter/waitress if they asked me to wait for 30mins. Fortunately, there was a seat by the bar that i could just pop in... otherwise you will see the newspaper headline today "A muscular guy eaten human@ Chili's KLCC"

Anyway, managed to got a seat. I ordered my favor drink Presidente Margarita (PM) and my favor Oldtimer burger with added Chilis... I managed to switch the frieds to mashed potatoes... :-) After waited for 15 mins and enjoying my PM while waiting... the food finally came and the branch manager delivered personally as he knew that i was so hungry after workout... what a good services in Chili's KLCC... I was treated like i am in US ... :-)

As i have a heavy dinner on Friday, i decided to forgo going out dinner with my mom, sis and bro-in-law. They were going to an italian restaurant near Carrefour Kepong. To eat healthy, i drove all the way to Damansara Height to buy my foot long sandwich. Guess what I have for my simple Saturday dinner? Bingo! I have Subway foot long Sandwich... Here is the ingredient of the sandwich
1. Foot long Harvest Wheat Bread
2. Turkey breast, turkey ham and roasted beef
3. lettuce, Tomato, onion, cucumber,
4. olives, green pepper
5. Mustard and pepper

Foot long sandwich with no sugar soya drink -->

The sandwich was tasty and healthy for my simple and nice saturday dinner. I was going to say that i managed to loss some calories during my body pump this afternoon and with the RPM challenge two days on the roll (Thursday and Friday)... i hope i don't put on weight when i come back from Penang.

Heathy lifestyle starts with eating healthy and excising regularly.

So do your exercise regularly and eat healthy eh!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

New Body pump instructor - Jackson Ng

I woke up and drove down to KLCC (Fitness first Maxis) for my workout this afternoon. I was a couple of minutes late and not able to attend my usual class PILATE BASIC. When i arrived in the main studio and found out that Ginny has started her class. So, i just have to skipped the PILATE BASIC class. I could attend the PILATE INTERMEDIATE but i saw Jackson Ng, the new Body pump instructor is going to have a session from 1-2pm. Decided to attend his class.

Guess what? Musa i attended Jackson Ng's body pump class (our friend Jackson). His class is quite tough with not much rest during the track. He focused on more stretching between tracks compare with others body pump instructor. The class went quite well although there were some hiccup... first, there was no battery for the mic ... Jackson shouted during the whole class. Second was there were only 6 of us in the class. But this never demotivated Jackson as he was still very motivated to ensure that all the participant understand the important of the pose / technique.

Way to go Jackson... Let me know of you next class eh!... I wanna to attend your next class... BTW, the more classes you take up the more experience you will gain. I think you have a good start... Hope to attend your class later... :-)

All, support our new fitness instructor. They need your courage and support to improve and gain experience... :-) Unfortunately, i don't have his photo but if you wanna to see how he looks like... join his class in the future.

Friday, July 20, 2007


Hurray, It's Friday afternoon another few more hours... the weekend will start. No plan for tonight as of right now. My two friends are sick and recovering... :-) Musa and Sbanboy... get well soon eh! and my PT is leaving for Port Dickson to participate the Port Dickson International Triathlon.

  • This event combines running, swimming and cycling with the aim of looking for the fittest and tougest man and women.
  • More than 1,000 participants from 35 countries are expected to compete in this event.
I don't have my PT session tonight. Still shopping for Fitness First outlet to drop by for my gym workout tonight. Any suggestion? Maybe i should drop by Maxis tonight as my friend is following me to KLCC for his date @ Chili's.

My friend is having a date with a lady that he is not meeting before (Blind date!). Way to go Matt... I suggested him to do it @ Chili's. As you know KLCC Chili's is a nice place to bring this lady. She don't eat any local cruisine other than western. My friend has bought her a small gift from one of the nice shop @ Alamanda during lunch... ya, btw, i had Seafood Kuey Teow and Popiah for lunch... the food was so so only... not that great. We had a walked at the mall and came across a quite nice shop named Archipelago @ Alamanda Putrajaya. My friend bought her date a magnet. Hopefully everything turns out good... Way to go buddy.

We will be leaving office at about 5pm and if everything is smooth, will hit KLCC before 6pm. It will be just nice for him to wait for his date in Chili's. Anyway, i would be going to attend Nick's class on Body Balance and Simone class on Body Combat...

Any suggestion where to party on Friday night? or should i just finished my gym and heads home :->

Meeting Canceled ... :-(

I have been working with US and Costa Rica folks. Because of the timezone difference, my meeting are scattered around the clock. Sometime i have late meeting and of course I will have early meeting daily from Tuesday to Friday. Especially on Thursday morning. I need to wake up as early as 5:30am ... not to pray but attending meeting @ 6am. So i normally got off from office at about 4:30pm.

Anyway, it has been two days, my meeting got canceled last minute (in US timezone, i'm sleeping). When i woke up and realized that the meeting has canceled... this is how i felt

I sacrified my nice sleep to wake up early for meeting and turned up the meeting canceled. I was so piss off yesterday as i woke up at 5:30am and realized meeting canceled. Same as today but today is not that bad as i woke up an hour later i.e. 6:30am. Hey my dearest colleagues in US / Costa Rica... could you please canceled the meeting one day before at least i don't need to wake up so early... :-(

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Lunch @ Malacca....

Woke up on 8:30am... got ready to leave KL @ 9:30am. Driving my dad and mom to meet my dad unit-mate in Malacca. The journey took us about 2hrs... we reached the restaurant that we suppose to meet @ about 12pm. It was a old restaurant... and the food was not very great but i would say ok... We taken quite a number of dishes... here you go all the dishes that we took for our lunch.

Malacca here i come ...

I'm driving my dad and mom to meet my dad uni-mate gathering in Malacca. My dad's uni-mate are from Singapore and they will be in Malacca for a day trip. We will meet them in one of the restaurant called LTD. Not sure where is it but will find out later. hurray, i got a day off and would be able to take more picture of Malacca.. oh ya! need to charge my battery. :->

It's 1:21am now... need to hit the bed rite now. Will update after coming back from Malacca. Stay tune eh!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Dinner @ Ninja Jone Izakaya - Northpoint, Midvalley

I skipped the gym again to go out with my good friend (DeMi) tonite. This friend of mine will be leaving for Singapore as she is going to settle in Singapore. I was so busy for the past few weeks which did not have anytime to go out for dinner with this friend of mine.

Finally, yesterday we decided to have a dinner @ Northpoint Midvalley. She has choosen a nice and unique restaurant named Ninja Jones Izakaya. This restaurant has a unique front as the always close and the material of the door is made of metal. There is a waitress standing outside waiting to serve her guest. Once you mentioned how many person... she will press the button and you will see someone wearing total black (refer to the photo). They will mention Welcome in Japanese. The whole setup of the restaurant is so unique that you will not know where to go unless they mention to you especially the washroom (i visited the washroom coz i drank too much green tea hehehe... ).

I took the Steak & Sashimi set... yummy!... Unfortunately I did not bring along my camera tonite to take some picture of the food. After chatting for 2.5 hrs... we left the restaurant at about 9:30pm... it was a good experience dining in the Ninja Jones restaurant... :-)

DeMi, all the best to your new job environment in Singapore... Keep in touch eh!...

Men's toilet (pic taken from sweetsformysweet)

Restaurant (pic taken from Kelvin Tan)


I had a PT session last nite, after stopping for a whole week as i was on business @ Penang. I have already expected my PT would planned a tough workout for me yesterday... To my surprise, he planned not only upper body workout but also lower body even though he knew that i had my RPM class (half way drop out - instructor must be thinking of what happen to this guy :-p ). Anyway, PT and I straight away started the PT the moment i walked out from the RPM class.

First training item, leg workout ... different lunges.. board, side and backwards. Three combination... it was tough as i just came out from RPM, my leg muscle was tight ... Then we hit the chest with 30lbs dumbell each sides, 30lbs and 50lbs barbell. Also three different combination for chest workout. Again tough!...

Upper / Lower back are the next target, i.e. one hand clean and press for 10 reps each sides. I managed to finish more than 10 for both hands... got the encouragement from my PT ... then after the clean and press, it's bicep and tricep workout. Tough man! We ended with an extreme abs workout... it was tiring but satisfied. Cool down with the stretching after the session.

Experience talk on Japan Earthquake ...

I heard from REDFM... Will and Tim was talking about the earthquake in Japan. It was so scary as the magnitude was 6.6. This consider very high and it would damage lots of building and took lots of life too. Anyway, i happened to get into a blog named My Journey by Calvin. He is staying where the earthquake hit. So, he actually talked about his experience during and after the earthquake. >> more...

<-- EQ meal prepared by Calvin

Monday, July 16, 2007

Meeting my PT - Isaiah Kee

I'm going to meet my personal trainer (PT) Isaiah Kee tonite after a week of relaxing time in Penang. Emmm.... what is his plan? Let's find it out tonite... I'm looking forward to see how challenging the PT session tonight.

my PT (Sorry, old photo, I don't have any others) -->

I missed my Pilate class with Ginny again this week. I will see my PT @ Fitness First Summit. Now, i'm not sure what class should i pop in for an hour workout before my PT session @ 8pm. Anyway, will decide once i'm there. BodyBalance, BodyCombat, BodyPump... anything with the Body :-p Anything without the body don't take lah! hehehe...

Anyway, it was raining very heavy and i just joke with my colleague that today might be the day that our Mega project i.e. Smart Tunnel might need to put into testing... but realized that the rain has stopped in Cyberjaya. So... not sure how's KL city rite now.

Ok... gotta go rite now. Catch up with you later :-) FF-Summit here i come...

Sunday, July 15, 2007

New blog was borned : TheRedBreakFast

I visited Will's blog and found out that he has built a new blog on the RedFM breakfast show. I blogged about the RedFM one week back. Since then, i'm listening to RedFM every morning while driving to office. Will and Tim has done a good job in getting TheRedBreakfast show lively and they play more variety music.
I like when Will and Tim read the news. They read the news in a very lively and creative way so the listener would not felt bore and switch the channel... :-p Anyway, tune in to the REDFM. here you go the frequency for different places in Malaysia
107.6FM Penang
106.4FM Ipoh
106.0FM Negri Sembilan
104.9FM South Perak & Klang Valley
98.9FM North Johor & Malacca
98.2FM Taiping
98.1FM Kedah, Perlis & Langkawi
92.8FM Johor Bahru & Singapore
91.6FM Kuantan

Meeting a virtual friend F2F - Sbanboy

Recently, i met this new friend of me via blog. He visited my blog and we have chat online for a couple of days... :-> Decided to meet f2f and since i'm in KL for this week, decide to meet up today.

I gave Sbanboy a call after i woke up this morning to decide where should we meet... took a shower and headed to USJ... I suggested to have lunch @ Pizza Uno. I picked him up and we headed to the pizza place. It was raining so heavy when we reached the Taipan. We waited in the car for the rain to slow down... finally we managed to get out from the car.

Pizza Uno is a nice place for lunch and a quiet place to chit chat. Do visit Sbanboy blog to look at what we had for our lunch... yummy! ... Anyway, it was a relax and quite fun to talk to a new friend. Our topic is surrounding about health... sound like a health talk eh! Sbanboy wanna to understand on what i food and workout i did to maintain my health :-> Sbanboy, i hope you are not bored with the discussion...

<-- Sbanboy's recommended healthy dish -- Aglio Olio. :-)

After the lunch, we dropped by Summit Cold Storage that i shown him where to get some healthy food... then we headed to Mydin to do some grocery. A cheaper place to shop for your food... never notice this until i went to this place with Sbanboy.

Sbanboy, thanks for the recommended lunch and nice meeting you F2F... :-> We should do it again soon. :->

Social Dinner @ Seremban

Last nite, I accompanied and drove my mom to attend a social dinner @ Seremban. We left KLK at about 5:45pm and reach Seremban at about 710pm. We attended the school anniversary celebration ... Happy 94th Birthday to my mom's school Chung Hua High School. This school located on the hill top and it was amazing huge ... even bigger than my high school...

There were 130 tables in the school multipurpose hall. when we arrived, the carpark in front of the school was going to about to be filled... lots of people walked towards the hall. We managed to get the table according to the two tickets that my mom got it from her friend. We managed to get a nice seat facing the stage. As time approaching 730pm... more and more people comes ... guess what? I was sitting with 4 artists included my mom... Lot's of people walking to approach the 4 artists to have their signiture on the nice painting booklet.

To cut the story short... it was a nice and relaxing social dinner... met lot's of mom's classmate and friends :-> And i was amazed with how the student there with all kinds of performance. Unfortunately i did not bring my camera :-( Will try to see whether i could get the some pictures.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Just a normal Saturday...

My mobile rang early morning Saturday... you know who called me such early in the morning... Usually i would have scolded the person that woke me up especially Saturday and Sunday morning... but i don't know why today i just have not been who i'm, i was so patient to answer the phone ... ask Musa... he would be able to describe how i sound.

Anyway, Musa woke me up @ about 8:30am, and asking me to go out for breakfast... I was still dreaming and dream of nice nice things ... Musa, you just broke my nice dream... :-p Don't worry, it was not important. :-> After chat for about 2 mins... i finally agreed to drag myself up and hit the shower then go out to Great Eastern Mall to meet Musa for breakfast. There were no one except a person that sit in front his laptop to pretend he was so busy... Why i said so, it was because today is SATURDAY :-p

So, had breakfast with Musa and sent him to his church down the road. After sending him i pop up to the Starbucks again @ KLCC. What a day as i could not get the connection to the internet @ StartBuck. it was so dissapointed as i wanted to update my blog... Anyway, it was already 11:15 when i tried the final time to connect. I decided to leave Starbucks and headed Fitness First @ Maxis.

Steve was the instructor for Pilate Basic today replacing Ginny who is in Singapore now. I felt so tough as i stopped the class for quite sometime due to travelling. Fortunately, i still have the base and did not actually have a hard time to warm up. Steve, you have done a good job on Pilate... :-> Keep up the good job eh! I stayed on for cardio and workout after the Pilate class. I decided to have 30mins cardio on x-Trainer. Guess how much that i burnt in Calories today? hehehe.. I burnt total 324 cal in 30 mins. It comes to 1 mins = 32.4 cals burnt with the average heart rate = 145.

After the cardio, i hit the freemotion to workout my chest, bicep, tricep and so on... then walk up upstair to do some chin up... 2 set with 5 reps each. :-) Finished the workout, hit the shower, and dropped by Isetan for some grocessary shopping with my late lunch. :->

I'm so lazy rite now ... but need to get going as i need to prepare to leave KL for Seremban to attend a social dinner @ Seremban... My mom is one of the artist that has the exhibition last week and there will be a dinner tonite. Ciao!

Journey back to Kuala Lumpur...

First of all, i would like to thanks to my buddy that send their regards and message me to drive safely... Thanks Musa and Sbanboy... :-> I back to KL finally...

I left office at about 4pm to beat the Penang Bridge traffic jam. The traffic was starting to move slower than expected but fortunately still able to move. According to my Penang colleague, traffic in Penang bridge would be worse whenever there is a long holiday or accident. He recommended me to leave before 4pm... hehehe... :-> So, for those who jam in the Penang Bridge yesterday... can you share with us what is your experience?

The amount of cars were more than the usual day, especially from Juru to Ipoh... but there was no traffic jam along the North South Highway. There were a part that it was quite challenge to drive as it was rainining heavily. Anyway, stopped by @ Bidor for dinner and hit the road after 1 hour. I reached KL at about 9 something. Sent my colleague that followed me back to the nearest Star LRT station @ Titiwangsa. Then headed back to my condo.

Took my shower and chit chat with my parent for a while and hit the bed... What a tired journey and busy week... Guess what? I will be in Penang again from July 22nd - July 27th 2007. Another f2f to kick start a program.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

final nite in Penang

Hurray, tomorrow will be the last day for this business trip. I'm looking forward to go back to KL :-> Isaiah(my PT), I missed the PT session and feel like i put on weights. Please plan a tough workout for me on Monday okay? :-p

I leave office about 4:45pm and drove from Kulim back to Penang island. Went to the Penang office to pick my colleague and headed back to the hotel. Reached hotel and decided to hit the gym for about an hour. I worked out the shoulder and chest tonite... :-> Not managed to go to Sauna as i was so hungry. Back to the room and changed.

I was a little bored and don't know what to take for dinner. So decided to walk all the way to Gurney Plaza. Guess what i have for dinner ... I went to the FoodLoft for dinner. It was a nice and modern restaurant. This is the slogan of FoodLoft restaurant " the trendy & upscale international dining concept " The restaurant using the order card so that the cook would be able to prepare you food and serve you. If you happen to be in Penang... don't forget to try it out in Gurney Plaza.

I ordered one bowl of Beef Noodles... which is not very nice, especially the rice noodle which is not like the noodles normally serve in Vietnamese restaurant. Talk about beef noodles, i'm craving for the Vietnamese Beef Noodles @ Chandler Arizona US. Drool drool... somebody get the pail ... hehehe.... Anyway, my next trip i would like to go to the restaurant to have the beef noodles... this is a must :-p Back to FoodLoft, I also order pan fried dumpling which is okay, still not up to the Shanghai standard. And lastly i got myself a huge dessert... who can guess what i have for dessert? Hint: A malaysia delicacy ... :-)

Anyway, it was a good dinner and i'm still full even after i have a long walked back from Gurney to my hotel.

Seafood Dinner + Gym session = Calories Burnt

I went for Seafood dinner with a few colleague @ Bali Hai last night. A nice seafood restaurant @ Gurney Drive. We had fish, prawn, Shark fin soup, vegetable and tofu. The dishes is quite nice but the price is a little bit high. After the dinner, I sent all of my colleague back to their hotel. Since it was just 9 o'clock, i decided to pay a visit to the hotel gym and do some workout there. Started with the X-trainer for 15mins and managed to work on my bi-cep, tricep, shoulder and chest. Guess what? I was using all dumb bell for the execise. Three sets 8 reps. I felt so good on the workout after skipping the gym since last Saturday.

After the workout, i dropped by the Sauna room and get myself sweat like a pig ... hot and humid in the room. I stayed inside the room until i could not stand the hot. Then come out to the jacuzzi for a while and go back into the Sauna room. Took a quick shower and headed back to the room. Felt so relax after the workout, Sauna and Jacuzzi... I might going to do it again today.. :-)

Experiencing the driving @ Penang

I was in Penang for the forth day since Sunday. One of the things that interest me to continue observing is the driver in Penang. How they drive in Penang... :->

After a few trips to Penang and drives everyday here, I observed some of the commonality among Penang Drivers
1. Penang driver tends to drive on the divided of the road (to/fro way) or one way with more than one lane. <-- This normally will only apply to airplane pilot.
2. Penang driver tends to drive unacceptable slow in the faster lane of the highway. Way below the limit of the highway. <-- Block the traffic and create backlog (traffic jam).
3. No stopping at the junction and expect the car from the straight road to aware of them. <-- Dangerous driver... beware of these drivers.
4. "Kaisu" mentality which not too willingly to give way to car that turn out. <-- I have no comment. ;-)
5. Turn out fast but slow down after turning out. <-- This is very common in Penang lah
6. Lots of bottle-neck designed road. <-- Hey, MPPP please take notes.
7. Penang driver tends to drive zig-zag... switching lane like nobody business. (Penang Bridge - even F1 driver don't do that).
8. When they approach a split. Instead of following left to turn left they would perform an emergency switch lane and turn left from right lane. (imagine how to switch from right to left and turn left)
9. Traffic Jam... one lane could be come 3 lanes. (this is where it stress me out driving in Penang - don't know where should i go)
10. Stop / turn without a signal, slow down and turn <-- Hey driving instructor in Penang, do you include the use of signal light in the material when training the driver :-p

I felt driving in Penang just like playing the PS2 game... you won't know what will be happening and what will be the next car coming out from the junctions especially @ the stretch along Beach street. There are so many junctions which full of surprise. If you happen to drive in Penang, just take good care of yourself and your car :-)

Anyway, feel free to share your experience of driving in Penang. I had validated with some of the Penang colleagues of mine during our lunch yesterday. They kind of agree with some of the behavor of the Penang driver that I commented here. :->

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Another day without gym :->

I was so so lazy and pampered myself with nice and heavy food... I reached my hotel at about 6:45pm and my colleague has arranged to pick me up on 7:45pm. Since i don't have enough time to hit the gym. Guess what i did to fill up the time... hehehe... I pampered myself on doing some facial mask.

My colleague picked me up and we went to a restaurant @ Gurney plaza... can you give it a guess what restaurant is this? The only one in Penang... :-> there are couples of outlet in KL too. This is the food that i order @ the restaurant ... Yummy! yummy... Can you figure out what restaurant rite now... Do you need more clue?

SOHO - two days on the roll ...

i went to SOHO again last nite. We went to the SOHO Penang called SOHO Free House. The drink and food is not free by the way... just the name... so nothing is on the house... :-p This is my 2nd time going there. My 1st time went there with Musa early this year. Musa, still remember SOHO? I beat you on fuss ball :-p

Anyway, last night my colleague and i went to SOHO again. I happily order my favorite drink again... by now, you should know what is my favorite drink :-)... Guess what i order for my main dish... A cow ... hehehe.... :-p Something related to cow... :-)

I met quite a number of people that i do not know before but working in the same company... sometime we need to go to this kind of social dinner to know more people within the same company to expand our network. Anyway, there were a reason why they gather... it was because a ex-manager whom already left the company last year migrated to Austrilia and came back for seminar. So, this manager asking all his ex-subordinate and person hire by him to come out for a gathering. It was fun and motivated to listen on his sharing with the new company and experience on how to move yourself up to the value chain... :-)

I was thinking i should have met this manager way before so i could identify him as my mentor and learn from him... He is a good teacher... dear colleague, don't you agree with me? hehehe :-p So we left SOHO about 9 something and i drove back to Evergreen. I knew i would be hungry at nite, so i decided to get changed and grabbed some food from nearby 7 eleven... I managed to brought my camera along and took some picture to share with you.

After walking for a while, decided to go back and get online...