Sunday, November 30, 2008

25 days to Xmas....

I was @ the Curve last night after dinner with my aunt, uncle and cousin. I noticed the nice decoration when i was there on Friday night. So i brought along my Nikon D70 to take some night Xmas decoration.

Xmas Deco @ The Curve

Close up shots of the Deco

Can you see your future from this ball


Xmas Deco @ the Curve

Lots of people holding different brand and type of camera... from the DSLR to Camera @ Mobile phone... almost everyone was taking picture :-p

I was searching hi and lo for Santa.. finally i saw Santa @ the central of the decoration... i was so excited and happy since i wanna to sit on Santa's lap and told him what i wish for this years' Xmas...  Unfortunately, there was no chair for Santa to sit and we sit on his lap. So disappointed... Sigh!

Anyway, Santa, can i ask a question? Since i have sent you a letter... is my 42 inch TV on the way by DHL? I wanna a nice 42 inch TV now :p

More Xmas Deco pictures can be get it from TZ-Photo @ Xmas Deco 2008

Friday, November 28, 2008

Day 4 /Day 5 : @ Penang / Penang --> KL

Day 4 : @ Penang
My initial plan was to drive back from Penang to KL. But because my dad need me to handle some publication of his 50 anniversary alumni association magazine. I decided to stay one night to finish all the stuff before heading back to KL.

I headed to my dad's friends whom already handle the magazine publication. My task is to get the magazine from Penang back to KL. So together with my dad's friend we went to this publication agent to get the product. Unfortunately i could not get everything from the publication agent before 12pm. I have no choice but to stay overnight. 

Most of the time that i have for Day 4 was waiting waiting and waiting... but while waiting for the magazine to be completed. I went to Island Plaza Fitness First to workout. I worked out about 1 hour and decided to hit the Starbucks to sip some coffee.

Later went back to my dad's friends house to pick up all the magazine and headed to my aunt's house... Called it a day, relax and did some blog reading before hitting the bed.

Day 5: Penang --> KL
I started my journey early as i have a management meeting @ The Curve 12:30pm. A pleasant drive from Penang to KL. I was quite tired after reaching KL. Unload all the magazines and headed to the Curve.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Day 3 : @Penang...

My lunch and dinner was booked by my x-colleagues :-) For instance, day 3 lunch was booked by my 4 friends and dinner was booked by 2 pretty ladies... hahaha

Guess where we have lunch and dinner?

Pat, TZ, Irene, Sherlyn, YP

TZ, Isabelle, Timmy

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Day 2: @Penang

Weather : Gloomy, cloudy and rainny day :-(
TZ Mood: Not happy (Island without sun - Sigh!)

08:00 : Woke up and connected to the internet to chat with my ex-colleagues for tomorrow lunch and dinner arrangement.

09:00 - 11:00 : Doing some reading on the blog... lazy to get up from the bed :-p

* Initial plan #1: Wanna to take some nice piccies of UNESCO heritage city... errr... weather not good... Sigh!
* Initial plan #2: Go to hit the gym but TZ was so lazy just glued on the bed for about 3 hrs... Morning has just passed like this ... Sigh!

11:00 : No choice but got to get up and took the shower. Got ready to drive to Queensbay Mall @ FTZ for lunch with ex-colleagues from another department whom TZ supported them when he worked for this company.

11:45 : Reached Queensbay Mall and went to BodyShop to get my hair gel as i forgot to bring mine from KL. Wanted to paid with my credit card instead of cash... found out that they only accept credit card if the payment is more than RM30. I was shocked and pissed.. Since when is the rules in Bodyshop, I just have not encountered this back in KL... I bought another product in The Curve one week ago and it's below RM30, i paid with my credit card and the sales person smiled and thanked me... Is Credit Card not welcome in Penang or they have changed the policy in Bodyshop... So i started to argue with them that they should accept my credit card payment and otherwise they should place a notes in front of their shop to state that no Credit card is accepted below RM30. The sales person were shocked when i requested them to accept my credit card payment and place the notes in front of their shop. Seriously, i wanted to write a letter to Bodyshop to seek for clarification.

12:00 : Gave my ex-colleagues PM a call. Waited for them in front of the restaurant. They had decided to hit the Sakae Sushi.

12:30-13:45 : My three ex-colleagues arrived and we got a nice seat. Ordered our lunch and chatting with some updates since we last met. I was glad to have lunch with them... Later, I did manage to show them some piccies that i took when i was in Kampala.

Salmon Tempura set

TZ, CC, PM and LH

14:00 : Called my cousin whom came back from Melbourne for holiday to have coffee with me @ Starbucks, Gurney Plaza. I picked her up from my aunt's place and we headed to Gurney Plaza. 

14:30-17:00 : Reached Gurney Plaza and headed to Starbucks... Ordered my usual drink and one drink for my cousin. We sat there until 16:45 and left the place.. Just wanna to beat the traffic. What we did there? Chatting to update each other, uploading piccies that i took during lunch. 

17:00 : Left Gurney Plaza with still gloomy weather ... no picture taking on the sunset ... 

19:00: Pick my aunts up and we drove to Queensbay Mall for dinner. We went to Wong Kok for dinner and the service there was sucks! The lady boss there were so arrogant... I'm looking forward for Kim Gary to be opened on the other side of the mall... All Penangite, Kim Gary will be opening soon... Shall we boycott Wong Kok for its arrogant and sucks services... ;-) Damn! I forgot to bring my camera last night, otherwise i will take a picture of the lady boss. Anyway, forget about the food but i had a nice chat with my aunt and lots of catching up too. 

21:30 : Left Queensbay Mall and sent my aunty back. 

22:00 : Took the shower and started to take piccie of Fluffy the Cat... watch TV with my cousin, chatting with my friends on MSN at the same time. I was so sleepy and i doze off while chatting with my friends after i got into the bedroom... Whoever i chatting with last night ... sorry mate! I just dozed off coz i was too tired after a long day :-p

That's all folk my simple and yet not very exciting Day 2 in Penang :-p

Monday, November 24, 2008

Fluffy The Sleepy Cat

I'm staying with my 3rd aunty in Penang... She has a beautiful cat named Fluffy... I was itchy to test oout my new lens that i bought for my safari trip in Kampala, Uganda. 

Got my camera out and started to snap on Fluffy, the model ;-)



So Sleepy

who cares? i'm have my good dream

Sleep... zzzzzzzzzzzZZZZzzzz

I'm also wanna to hit the bed now... 
More picture of Fluffy the Cat @ tz-photo "Fluffy The Cat"

Lunch @ Kulim

I started my journey since 7:30am this morning... hehehe why so early? Just to catch the lunch with my ex-colleagues @ Kulim. The whole gloomy and rainny morning has slowed my journey down by an extra 1/2 hr. In a way it's also good that i don't need to wait for my ex-colleagues off from work for lunch in the carpark ... 

I reached the office @ Kulim high tech park at about 12pm. Waited for a while for them to come down from the office. They had decided where to have our lunch... I just the follower... Was glad that i don't need to make any decision :-) They have assigned one navigator who know the place to sit in my car... she started her task seriously and navigated me who has no idea about the road of Kulim... hehehe :-p *Two Thumbs Up* for the navigator :-p Without any mistake we reached there in 15 mins.

I just very tired to order the lunch... I just requested one of my ex-colleagues to order while i was busying chatting :-) I'm on holiday, just don't wanna to make so many decision for others... just wanna to chillout and enjoy myself... 

Later, they have decided to order 5 dishes and a soup.. And i just took one of the dish coz this dish has attracted me to show the different chinese food to my follow African colleagues :-p Other than this were just fish, prawns yada yada ... 

Cashew Nuts Chicken with Yam

I suggested to have a lunch photo before we left the restaurant... so we did and asked the lady in the restaurant to take the picture for us... Her photographing skill was very good :-)

My ex-colleagues working in Kulim

TZ and his ex-colleagues

Last but not least, I finally met face to face with Jayce Ooi my blogger friend :-)

Jayce Ooi

So, we left the restaurant about 2pm and i was driving them back to the office. I'm now in Penang Island... still planning what to do the next 2 days... if the weather is nice, i will take a walking trip downtown to take more piccies of the UNESCO Heritage cities :-)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

TZ will be away....

I will be leaving ....

Errrrrrr... how I wish!.... 
but nope... I will be leaving for

Where am i going?... hehehe... I'm going to drive up north to meet my aunt and uncle + my dearest ex-colleagues for a 4D3N visit. At the same time, to enjoy a getaway from the metropolitan.

Ducking Away....

"Hey look, something in the water... don't know what is that... " 

" Who cares? " 

Surprise (Continue)

Remember i has an entry earlier stated that i would wanna to give my friend a surprise... Unfortunately, my plan has been disrupted by one of my other friends ... errrr what a uncool day ... *sad sad*

Anyway, My friend Kimmie came over to pick me up @ 12:15pm yesterday afternoon and we headed to HP Tower to pick up Matt (My lunch buddy when i was with my previous company)... he's the one that i should have given a surprise cause he did not know that i'm still in KL... He thaught i was back to Uganda... :-p Reason being he never checked the Facebook and my blog. So i could gave him a surprise :-)


Kimmie and Matt

We went to TTDI for lunch... first time tasted roasted port and roasted duck after i came back from Kampala, Uganda.

Roasted Pork and Duck

Saturday, November 22, 2008

PhotoHunters - Reflection

I'm new to the PhotoHunters ... I would like to share this Reflection that i took one week back :-)

For more information about photohunters, feel free to visit photohunters site @ here

njagala kwebaka

Folks, I'm very sleepy... will update the surprise entry later ... munsonyiwe! Sula bulungi

Friday, November 21, 2008

Surprise! ....

I'm going to give a surprise to this friend of mine this afternoon..... Will review with picture later eh! Stay tune :-p

I'm going to capture the surprise facial if possible and post it to this blog :-p
Hiak Hiak Hiak ... I'm bad :-p

Update: I'm going to bring this DSLR to capture the moment .... gotta to get ready now... my friend is going to pick me up @ 12:15pm... later :-)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Where can you get this?

Mr. Shy 2nd BodyPump class...

Good job Mr. Shy! You have been through the 2nd class... 

Last Monday, i was @ FF-KBT to go to the 2nd bodypump class with Mr. Shy. This round i made Mr. Shy standing closer to the instructor so that the instructor could see him clearly... Hey, Mr. Shy no longer shy in the bodypump class (should i not call him Mr.Shy instead reviewing his real identity :-p ... hehehe, Anyway, let's stick with Mr. Shy from now)... He was enjoying the class and looking forward for the next class ... Mr. Shy am i right? :-p

Anyway, we have three classes to go... Hopefully we could complete all 5 classes before i leave for Uganda again. 

Keep up the momentum eh! Mr. Shy... since you are targeting the muscular body :-p

Repeating playing for 10 times ...

I'm into this song which i have played this song for at least 10 times by now.. the song was so nice in its rhythms and lyrics that attracted me :-p I'm so tempted to purchase his album as his voice and the way of expressing the song has made him different from others. :-)

Let me introduce "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz

Check out his cool site @

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sitting on Santa's Lap

I still remembered when i was studying in Canada a decade ago ... Every Xmas, the children are so excite to line up for sitting on Santa's lap for a picture with Santa and telling Santa what their wishes... Recent years i do see this is happening in Malaysia... The children are lining up to have a moment with Santa in the shopping mall ... Those children are so cute :-)

Hey, how come pets also get to sit on Santa's lap... nowadays, Santa is superb... can communicate in human and animal languages... *grin*

Wow! President bush also got the chance to sit on Santa's lap too, what is his wish though ... muhahaha....

BTW, i just wondered do they accept a big boy like me :-p I wanna to sit on Santa's lap too :-) So, I started GOOGLE and found that some adult did sit on Santa's lap too... Hurray! I want, I want... Anyone wanna to go together to 1 U to sit on Santa's lap?  hahahaha...

Hey santa do commented "There's one in every crowd" ... hahaha... Can i be the one?

Last but not least, since young we have the impression of Santa is big size and with the white beard, wearing the red color suits, walking around with a red sacks, delivering the presents to all the kids and saying "Ho! ho! ho! Merry Xmas"... what if suddenly Santa become like this ... what would your reaction ... ? ;-)

HO! HO! HO! Merry Xmas... 

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Letter to Santa...

Looking at all the decoration with the xmas song @ the shopping mall and shops. I'm in Xmas mood now... I just wrote a letter to Santa. Will i get my wishing present this year? Let's see!   

Here you go the letter that i wrote to Santa :-)
Kuala Lumpur,

Dear Santa Claus,

My name is TZ. I am a boy! I live in the great city of Kuala Lumpur. Of course, that's in Malaysia, but I'll bet you knew that!! This year I've been so good that I should really be on the 'Nice' List!!

Santa Claus, some things I might like for Christmas this year are:
- 42 inch Flat Screen TV;
- Kick start my project ASAP; and,
- Having a nice Xmas Dinner with my friends :-).

Santa Claus, I almost forgot to say... Looking forward to hear from you Santa... Have a great and and enjoyable Xmas eh!

Love, TZ
"Merry Christmas Tz!" from EmailSanta

Here is the reply from Santa
Rudolph licked this stamp personally!  Of course, he made a mess of the screen! Silly Rudolph!

#1, Rudolph WayNorth Pole, Canada 
Kuala Lumpur,

Monday, November 17, 2008

What a nice surprise Tz!

Thank you for sending me your email all the way from Kuala Lumpur! HO!! Ho!! ho!! Did you know there are lots of elves in Kuala Lumpur? I hear they like visiting Kuala Lumpur because there's a special boy by the name of Tz that lives there! (*wink*).

Hey, look what I found in my mailbox!Well tickle my whiskers, Tz! Are you fibbing to ol' Santa Claus?!? You can't possibly be 34 years old already! Why it seems like only yesterday that I was leaving presents for a certain little boy and here you are now, practically one of Santa's elves! (*grin*)

Sorry the presents the last little while probably haven't been quite as exciting as they were when you were a little boy but, well, you know how these things go (*wink*). Anyway, Santa's glad to see some of the 'older kids' (not to mention anyone in particular!) still take the time to write. I also hear you've been a good boy. (Of course, you won't mind if I do a little checking, will you? HO!! Ho!! ho!!).

Let's see what you put in your letter for Christmas wishes: 1. 42 inch flat screen tv; 2. kick start on my project ASAP and; 3. having a nice xmas dinner with my friends :-). What wonderful presents! I really wish the elves could make enough presents for everyone because I know they are always a little sad if they can't. I hope you won't be sad Tz if I can't bring you everything you want because everyone here really wants you to have a very Merry Christmas!

Oh yes, before I forget Tz, the elves really want you to visit my new blog! It is called Santa Claus' Christmas Blog. My blog is all about Christmas, life at the North Pole, and me, Santa Claus ! You can even write messages to me and see what others have written. I can hardly wait to see what you write!

Well, I better go feed the reindeer and polish Rudolph's nose with nose wax. Have to make sure everything's ready for the big day! Take care Tz and don't forget to come back and visit me here at on Christmas Eve!! And remember... only 38 more sleeps until Christmas!!

All My Love,
Santa Claus
Thank you Tz for thinking of me!P.S. YUM! Those sure were some tasty goodies you sent me in your letter Tz! I hope its okay that I shared them with everyone here. You should see how fast they disappeared! Oh, wait! You CAN! HO!! Ho!! ho!!

P.P.S. I've attached a special postmarked copy of your email below so you can print it off and show it to all your friends or put it on your fridge.

I want a 40 inch flat screen tv for Christmas too.  I think they're really kewl!

Are you a good boy/girl this year? 
Have you written your letter to Santa? Ho Ho Ho... 

Life is like a box of chocolate... U never know what u're gonna get!

Is life really like a box of chocolate? 

Monday, November 17, 2008


I have been driving around Klang Valley to have lunch with my friends to catch up just to make myself busy... but all the time that i spent didn't get me from boredom, moreover i was spending my reserve for my future and i was so unproductive... 

Now, again I was alone sitting @ Starbucks Klang Bukit Tinggi sipping Ice Cafe Latte, which i don't think it's a nice coffee for me anymore... I felt so down since i woke up this morning... life was as good as what all of you think i have... It's just a dream or creation that i was trying to create to satisfy my boredom and my unknown future... Do I had a good and enjoyable vacation? Sigh! I would say i did have on the 1st 2 weeks... but now I could not sleep well for the past few days, something has been bother me but i just don't know what had been bothering me... maybe it's the unawareness stress. Anyway, I'm going through an era which WAITING WAITING... UNKNOWN UNKNOWN... WAITING WAITING... What next? I just could not answer this question myself... Guess What? I have to face all my aunties and uncles who are coming for my uncle's wedding this weekend ... lots of questions will pop up, and i just could not avoid not to attend the wedding ... Sigh! :-( 

If you know me long enough, I'm always optimistic with what happen surrounding my life, I'm helping my friends to overcome fear and down. I usually that kind of person whom could get out from feeling down easily myself for the past... but this has been a very very very huge challenges for me... this might be my turning point of my life. I was totally lost and my mind just don't know how to handle anymore... Pressure from various way, from my parents, my friends, my x-colleagues, my relatives etc... Please tell me how to handle this ... I was being tortured in this situation for nearly 5 months since May 2008. 

BTW, I wanna to thank to my buddy whom talked to me via MSN this morning... He has woke me up from my so called perfect lifestyle that i painted with just spending my reserved from time to time... he told me that i would overspent if i don't cutdown which eventually bring me even further down at the end of the day... Thanks buddy! I'm glad to have you as my buddy... I think i should getaway for a few days this or next week to clear my mind and plan for my future... TZ will have to cutdown spending from today onward ...

Honestly speaking, I was having enjoyable vacation for the 1st 2 weeks but i don't think i was having that now... It has turned into a stressful moment as the days past... no longer an enjoyable vacation... From this, I finally experienced on why people who has no job even stressful then people who has a job but the job is sucks or busy... 

So, my dear friends sorry that if i had painted the scenario that i showing off my vacation and happy time that made all of you jealous... in fact i learnt one important things during this career of mine... uncertainty did happen and how you could patiently and calmly to handle it. That's what i'm working on it now... Along the way, i did meet couple of friends who really support me to go through this tough time... Thanks a lot my friends ... 

TZ gotta to wake up and move on to the reality world :'(

Since Xmas is approaching ... All i wish for my xmas present is to have all the uncertainty iron out and i could proceed to resume my work in Uganda :-) 

Dear Santa,

I'm have been a good boy since Jan 1st 2008... can my wish i.e. To have all the uncertainty ironed out and i could proceed to resume my work in Uganda asap :-) 
Please give me this xmas present eh! 

Thank you Santa,


Starting Monday with ....

I will start another boring Monday in Malaysia... you must be wondered why am i still in Kuala Lumpur but not in Kampala... Anyway, i'm still having my vacation until my counterpart finish their job over in Kampala... then i will be there again :-)

Anyway, i'm going to start this boring Monday with having lunch with my x-colleagues same department :-) I was looking forward to meet them and repeat my experience in Kampala, Uganda again... like telling grandfather story, hahaha? Anyway, I enjoy telling the story as this is a good experience to share... Anyhow, sometime I thought of giving them a link to my blog and said "click on the link to know more about TZ's experience in Kampala, Uganda Africa"... hahaha :-p

Hey, gotta to get going now... it's going to rain soon :-p Will update all of you later eh!

Flight Delayed....

My sister and brother in law are coming back from Perth, Australia after their one week vacation there. Their flight has delayed for about 2 hours and now it's already 12:28am but they have not called me to pick them up from the station... Sigh! Earlier, my sis has called when they boarded the bus... Anyway, they are on the way to downtown KL.

Anyway, I was getting a bit hungry now. Maybe afterwards i could get some supper from the stored when picking up them from the station... Oh no, I will be getting fat if i continue eating in the middle of the night.

I belief they are about to call me by now... :-p  

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Nite out @ Hard Rock Cafe

The Hard Rock Cafe Kuala Lumpur has an new image... They closed down on refurbishment for the past two months. The restaurant is re-opened last Monday for the first time after the renovation. I was surprised when i walked into the new layout of Hard Rock Cafe Kuala Lumpur. No much changes outside the restaurant but the inside it's a huge change. 

The signature of the Hard Rock Cafe is their live performance stage. This round the stage is no longer in the center but the stage is placed at the side. Anyway, it's a good reorganized. the dining area looks bigger and nicer.

I called up to reserve for a table for four but unfortunately the reservation has full ... the HRC staff mentioned to me that they are reserving some tables for walk-in guest, waiting list!. Hehehe, i will be always the top of the waiting list... why? Because i have All Access Privilege card from Hard Rock Cafe which able for me to grab the 1st available seat in the restaurant... (I'm Hard Rock Cafe Fans)...

I was ushered to a very nice and strategic place after i shown my All Access Card...

Inside HRC

Bar Area

I was waited for my friends to join me in the newly renovated HRC... the waitress whose name is Mala sat down and had a chat with me. She told me about the HRC before and after renovation and what activities they had for the regular when they reopen... hehehe, I'm not consider the regular in HRC but I'm a regular in TGIF, The Curve ;-p 

Since i have nothing much to do other than chatting with Mala, taking pictures, texting and sipping the beer that i ordered earlier.... I decided to just chill out by observing the environment... 

Anyway, SK and KW arrived about 1/2 hr later, we ordered the starter while waiting YK to join us. We had the HiCkory Smoked Chicken Wings. SK told me i had a nice seat even i don't have a reservation... I just laughed and shown her my All Access Card... guess what? KW said that my card is "Ta Jim" Card (in cantonese)... means that a cut queue card in English... hahaha :-p So, now i have a cut queue card for Hard Rock Cafe Kuala Lumpur... :p

Once YK arrived, we ordered our main course... each of us order one main course... yummy! I got my as usual favorite Grill Sirlion Steak, SK have her chicken Fajita, KW has his Salmon and YK has the BBQ Chicken... 

Grilled Sirlion Steak

Chicken Fajita

Grilled Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon

Chicken Fajita

YK with his HiCkory Smoked BBQ Chicken

TZ and SK



We catched up with whatever we left off before i left for Uganda... but not so much question on Uganda as they read my blog too ... most of the questions has been answered by my blog :-p BTW, I was famous for my mosquitoes visits in Uganda :-p

Anyway, it was a pleasant and superb evening to catch up with friends in the nice and newly renovated Hard Rock Cafe Kuala Lumpur.

HRC central Stage

HRC logo

HRC red flaming logo

We ordered a dessert to share... 

Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae

We ended our night out with a photo of four of us... :-)