Sunday, April 1, 2007

Ching Ming Festival / Tomb Sweeping day

Friday March 30th 2007

My parent and I left Kuala Lumpur for Kuala Kangsar (KK) at about 3pm. We reached KK at about 6pm in the evening. I enjoyed a very relax evening in KK after dinner :->

Saturday March 31st 2007
I woke up at about 6pm to get ready to pay a visit to my great grandfather tomb which located north of KK. It took us 1.5hrs from KK to a small town named Batu Kurau. On the way, we stopped @ Taiping (another town) for breakfast and aunt bought some ingredient for our lunch which she could not get it at KK.

We reached the graveyard @ about 9 something and started to get working. Mom touched up the word on the tombstone with red paint. Dad carried the umbrella to block the sun for mom and himself. Aunt preparing the food for the prayer and I helped out to place the color paper on top of the tomb.

Mom touched up the word

Dad blocked the sun

Aunt preparing food

Mission accomplished. Color Paper placed

After all the food prepared, it is time to pray to invite my great grandpa to his tomb to taste the food. We used the cropstick as the communication channel (hehehe... like mobilephone :->). Then dad flip the two coin to invite great grandpa to taste the food. This is a culture and belief of Chinese since the older generation... how true it is i don't know ... :-p About 15-30mins later, my dad flip the two coin again to ask whether my great grandpa has already finished his food. If yes, it's time to burn the prepared money / gold. At the same time, we started packing all the food and left the tomb and headed back to KK.

PineApple; Rice Dumpling; Mandarin Orange; Banana and rice cake.

Dad flipping coin to invite great grandpa

Money; Gold and Silver for other world

Sunday April 1st 2007
We paid a visit to three tombs today. One of them is my great grandmother's tomb and two others are my grandpa's and grandmom's. Fortunately, these 3 tombs are located in the same site within Kuala Kangsar. We reached my great grandmother tomb at about six something which the sky was still dark. We went through the same procedures as of what we did for yesterday. The different is more people visited my great grandmother's; granpa's and grandma's tombs. :->

Placing the color paper (nephew:Chong, cousin:Chew, newphew:Yan)

Dad communicate with Great Grandmother

Nephew flipped the coin to invite great grandmother

Burning Money-gold-silver to another world

Mom and Cousin in law(two nephews' mom) are preparing food

Pray and communicate with grandma (white-shirt: cousin thye and blue-stripe: cousin kwan)

We left the graveyard at about 9am after finished visited all three tombs. Had breakfast in one of the home style stall before heading back to my aunt's house. Left for Kuala Lumpur after lunch. That's it for the weekend in Kuala Kangsar for the Ching Ming Festival. Reached KL @ about 4pm and i hit the bed for my nap. I'm so tired after all the activities during my weekend.

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