Monday, June 25, 2007

Back to Reality!

I enjoyed the weekend with lots of drinks, party and chill out with my gym buddy . Time really passed faster than i expected... It's Monday again... :-( Anyway, i will have a very busy schedule ahead until my next Tuesday breakaway to Malacca. Hehehe... I will be going to Malacca with my parent just for a day trip. Dad decided to meet his university mate from Singapore. So i took a day off from my busy schedule just to release some stress... not that i'm very stressful.

Okay, back to Penang. I kind of met Kennysia in person as my bud, Musa said from far. No wonder he could be the blog celebrity. From my observation from far, he really like a celebrity, pose pose... :-) Guess what, my buddy Musa kind of setup a blind date to meet up a lady in the blogger gathering lunch @ Foodloft. So we decided to have our lunch @ Foodloft. This is how i managed to met Kennysia from far. Sound like spying. hehehe....

Gotta go to the office rite now. Just finished my meeting marathon... this marathon even longer than the Penang Bridge run. I had back to back meeting since 0730 this morning. Will continue later ... CIAO!

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