Saturday, June 30, 2007

Finally! 1 mbp connection ...

After two weeks of screaming at TM-NET. Finally, i got 1 mbp connection but this doesn't come easily :->

I signed up on June 15th 2007, 15 days later i got the connection. This is what the 1st sales person TM point told me. "Sir, you will have the 1Mbp connection three days later"... I was so happy as after my business trip in Penang i expected my connection should be ready for me to use. But what i got on Sunday nite June 24th 2007 was again less than 512K connection. So i was not happy and called the Streamyx care center. Then the care center support person checked for me and request me to make a report @ TM Point.

So, I managed to pay a visit to TM Point on Wednesday June 27th 2007. The person that served me did mentioned that the application has been issued and there were no job order being created. The person go ahead to create the job order. Come on! After 7 days, they only realized that the job order was not created. What is this business doing.... *Frustructed* So i called the TM-Net help center to make a report. The person asking me to wait for another 2 days and expect the 1mbp connection to be ready on Friday June 29th 2007. Guess what? TMNET put me down again :-( i made another called and this time i really blusted my frastruction and screaming. Surprisingly, the customers service person is very professional... he managed to cool me down and explain to me with some recommendation... Good job! Finally i cool myself down and discuss with him on what is the next step.

In summay, total 4 calls and 2 visits to TM Point to get the upgrade. You must be wondered how long or how many calls / visits to TM Point to get a new account for Streamyx? You guess... i would say lots more :-p If i rated the services provided by TM NET / TM POINT.. 10 out of 10. I would score them 0.5 hehehe...

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