Monday, June 11, 2007

Ouch! Kuala Lumpur was flooded again, 2 weekends in a row ...

After few hours of heavy rain, part of the KL was under the water again due to rivers overflown. I received a call from my gym buddy, Musa whom stuck in his friend's apartment @ Jalan Ipoh / Jalan Tun Razak. He told me the water was covered the road @ the junction of Jalan Ipoh and Jalan Tun Razak. I have expected this would happened as i told my mom that tonite KL sure flood. I belief every KL people also expected this flash floor as the SMART tunnel is not ready to be used.

Straight after Musa called me, I connected to the website provided by the city hall and the ITIS traffic website. These website provided the latest still image on the traffic via web cam on buildings. I got to see the condition of the road surrounding KL. Guess what? almost all the roads in KL either full of cars or water. Fortunately, it was a weekend, otherwise, i don't know how many more cars and peoples would stuck in downtown KL.

Hey SMART team! Be smart, please expedite and complete construction of SMART water flow system as soon as possible... We, KL people could not afford to get another flash floor especially when you are stuck in the middle of the traffic or your car soak under the water, who should pay the loss? We, taxpayer has paid our tax and we trusted the government has done their job to design and build this expensive tunnel... I hope this is a working project... :-)

I pity those people that stucked in the traffic and building... Musa, how do you feel? Angry? Frustration? Disappointed? ... hehehe... This is Malaysia, buddy... Malaysia Boleh mah! 1.9billion tunnel is not finished on time to solve KL flash floor issue. Let's hope that the tunnel could be SMART next month as promised by the government... :-p


Anonymous said...

I was so damn worry that my car would be sucked or drown by the water as within 20 minutes or so the water level rise so fast half of the knee level at the place where I parked my car. Luckily my friend apartment has bigger parking space and a lot higher than the ground, I mean like more than 10 metres from the solid ground. It was my first experience though watching the firemen boat sailed thru' the city as it was overflooded. You were true that luckily it was weekend. Otherwise, people would spent money unnecessarily or unbudgeted for car repair hah! If it was not because of my friend excitedly telling us it was flooded, we wouldn't have known too! I just felt so lucky and can't stop thank God for that!

TZ said...

So, you stuck in the flood together with Musa eh!... I could feel your experience and fear when reading what you have written. I belief all KL people rite now is worrying about their cars every mins especially when they see a bunch of extremely dark cloud hanging on the sky.

Luckily, i'm working in Cyberjaya (CJ) and CJ is located in a higher ground. No flood in CJ was reported so far... :-> But I still worry when i commute back to KL every evening especially after rain. Don't know when i will be stuck in the mid of the traffic due to flash flood.