Friday, June 15, 2007

Do you think your IMAGE is important?

Thanks god is Friday today... another few hours we will welcome the weekend. I have planned on this weekend. In fact it is pack, make an appointment with the hairdresser tomorrow morning to get my hair done before my F2F meeting @ Penang. Followed by doing some facial myself late evening. Still not going to the men's beauty center to get my facial... DIY is what i normally do.

I was a little bit upset as not only my mom saying my facial complexion is not as good as before for the past two weeks after i came back from Shanghai. No offense to Shanghai people whom read this, i felt that too. I think Shanghai air quality is a little bit polluted.

Guess what? I got another comment on last Tuesday from my gym buddy (not Musa) . His comment was the same as my mom i.e. my facial complexion is not as good as before... lots of pimples. I was a little upset and went to BodyShop and get the Men Facial Scrub + facial Mask... hopefully i could scrub off all the pimples and get back what i have before... *wink*

I have a feeling there will be a comment stated that i'm so vain... anyway, i'm not the only one in this world... i'm following the trend that guys also doing their facial and hair done to keep ourselves presentable. So, what do you think?... :-p


Musa said...

Dude!... I would never say " your facial complexion is not good as before" hahaha... I would probably say "dude! whats wrong with your freakin' face?" hahahaha.

Sorry dude.. I don't know what wrong with me.. my bad boy mode is on right now.. hehehe.. just fooling around.

you're soo girlie worrying too much about your skin... some more want to try women underwear! hahahaha... now I'm scared.. ;p

Man... I'm bad!

TZ said...

hehehe.... just teasing lah! You know me well. I will not do it :->

Anyway, it's difficult to accept my lousy complexion rite now after i have a good one for such a long time... need time to adapt :-p

Anonymous said...

i had very bad complexion before..i hate to tell this but i have skin was purely A class complextion and since I was so damn cute (evil wink), all the ladies love to touch it and spread their bacteria...

to make the story short, if you are vain, so am I, but we men need to take care of ourselves too..i don't think any women out there would like to have her bf having all these pimples and scare people away..haha

but going to men's beauty center, never do that lah...maybe you have more budget to do that so go ahead lah..if you have more excess, don't forget to belanja us sometimes lah...eheh..angpow..haha