Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Does bird prefer clean car?

I just sent my car to wash last Sunday... not even 3 days, thanks to the birds that shit, my car is covered with bird shit rite now... I was so pissed off this morning after seeing my car with bird shit. I just wondered where is the bird? I didn't see any bird on top of the tree but my car covers with bird shit. The birds must have been pull over @ the tree and clear their stomach last nite... :-(

Anyway, i gotta send my car for washing this coming Thurs/Fri before my trip to Penang. It will cost me another RM6 to clear the shit (pay money to clear shit - like you pay for ** Indah Water to clear shit) . Strange things that i observed was that of all the cars besides me, the bird didn't choose to shit on it except mine, which was the cleaniest among all. Could it be bird likes clean car as what human likes clean toilet. hehehe.... :->

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Anonymous said...

Haha, seem something is attracting the bird to poo-poo there bro! You sure there is no bird lavatory sign on your car ma? cheer up...sometimes it best to serve the birds community lah...like washing their poo-poo on your own..don't have to send it to the car washing shop-lah...be anak kampung k!