Monday, June 4, 2007

SMART where are you?

I was @ SPK yesterday attending my Bodypump class. I could see outside was raining very heavy outside from nice glass windows @ the studio. After the class, i hang around the gym for a while and heading back at about 6 something. When i approached Jalan Sultan Ismail/Jalan Ampang junction. There were a serious jam @ the Jalan Sultan Ismail heading to Jalan Kuching. Those cars was just parking there without even moving. I just wondering what has happened in front of the road. So i made decided to go straight to Jalan Ampang... But when i approached AIA building i saw some cars broken down on the side of the road and there was a bunch of car heading back to where i was from... then i realized that there were a flash floor in the city :-( I quickly made a turn and heading to another route via Jalan Istana and Mahameru highway. Guess what? the car just park at the side of the road going into Jalan Duta... :-( Anyway it is a read surprise to me to see the flash floor still exist in KL... *Frustrated*

Hey, SMART where have you been on yesterday? You were supposed to ensure the Metropolitan city of KL will not have flash floor even a heavy rain. You have cost us the tax payer RM1.9 billion yet you were not doing your job. I was so upset with you to see the flash floor happened in KL. It is your fault that you are not doing your job. You owed us (tax payer) a long and good explanation. Come on wake up and perform your duty... Now, you have answered some of the questions from the tax payer like
"How smart is SMART?"; "Can SMART really solve the KL floor?" etc...

Anyway, I strongly suggest this issue should be raised in the Parliament as a SMART post mortem on yesterday issue (Flash Floor in KL). The government has spent RM1.9 billion of tax payers' money which claimed that it solves the flash floor in KL. Look like another white elephant eh!

Here you go the report that I captured from The Star this morning regarding KL flash Flood. Nothing touching on downtown KL (Jalan Ampang etc) flash floor, what a joke!!... Hey Media and Newspaper, i don't think it is ethics to close the news as it is a fact that the Flash Floor has happened in KL... Please do more report, the Malaysian Citizen would like to know what had happened and how smart is SMART?

Monday June 4, 2007
Flash floods hit KL

KUALA LUMPUR: Several areas in and around the city were hit by flash floods in the last two days with Jalan Duta the worst hit yesterday during a two-hour downpour. At the height of the downpour, many low-lying areas were submerged in at least one metre of water. In Jalan Duta, part of the road was cut off to traffic when a 0.5km stretch was submerged in 1.5m of water while in the opposite direction, the road heading towards Jalan Semantan had a fallen tree obstructing two of its lanes. A small portion of the road was also damaged by strong currents. A City Hall operations centre spokesman said other areas affected by the flash floods were Jalan Travers, Jalan Bangsar, Jalan Tun Sambanthan in Brickfields, Jalan Semantan and Jalan Universiti. The other affected areas were Jalan Tun Razak and Jalan Chan Sow Lin. The waters, however, receded within minutes after the rain stopped. The City Hall spokesman also said several areas in Salak South and Ampang were hit by flash floods when waters began to rise after it started raining at about 4pm. There were no casualties or major accidents reported during the downpour, he said, adding that some roads were hit by flash floods due to clogged drains and road construction. Trees along several roads were also uprooted but City Hall workers managed to clear them away. A Jalan Bandar Traffic Police spokesman said policemen were deployed to monitor and direct traffic, adding that the congestion eased after 7pm when the water levels receded.

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