Tuesday, June 5, 2007

What a small world...

I met a new friend in Fitness First last Saturday. We attended the same Body Pump class with Aubrey @ SPK. After the class, Aubrey introduced me to a new friend whom are from Penang.

We started the conversation on the most common questions ...
1. Are you a regular in SPK? The answer is no. I'm not from KL.
2. Where are you from? The answer i got is he is from Penang
3. What company are you working with? His answer did matched with my company... guess what, we worked in the same company. And even better is that we are going to work in the same project. What a small world... :->

With the technology provided by the company that we worked with, we do not need to meet each other, yet we could get things done. So, there will be a scenario like what happen to me last Saturday. We met each other outside our workplace and realized that we are going to be in the same project team... :-)

Anyway, i have a workout friend in Penang whenever i'm in Penang... :-)

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