Saturday, June 9, 2007

Passion Exhibition @ Didance Gallery

I accompanied my mom to attend a opening ceremony of an chinese ink art exhibition @ DiDance gallery. The exhibition was a join exhibit from 6 womens.

We arrived @ the gallery before 4pm. i did not expect the gallery setup without any aircon. I wore a long sleeve shirt. So i was sweating like nobody business... its theme is the typical tropical climate setting which no aircon only fan... with hundreds of people attending the opening ceremony... you could imagine how much heat each people produced... here is the formula to calculate the average heat release from body ... hehehe... just kidding... no physics class here :-p

Back to the artwork in the exhibition. Out of the 6 exhibitors, 4 exhibitors are from the same instruction which is Mr. Chung Chen Chuan, my mom art instructor. Here is an art pieces from Mr. Chung Chen Chuan. I would not be able to show how the exhibition like as i did not bring my camera to the exhibition. The gallery owner has invited the Princess from Negeri Sembilan to official the opening of the exhibition.

菡萏解禅 (Zen)

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